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1. Nobody ever said that a visually arresting video requires a narrative. Claire Boucher directed this video in order to harness greater control over her product; when her video for Crystal Ball emerged, she said in interviews that she felt disappointed about its inclusion of a (subtle) narrative. 2. After following Grimes on Twitter, none of the elements like the swords, the hair extensions, the snake, or the fashion come across as surprising. This is neo-realist anime, and it captures her personality perfectly. 3. I don't think of this video as a satire of Rhianna/ Minaj/ M.I.A. - I feel bad about lumping M.I.A. together with the former two - but rather as Grimes channeling their pop star presences through her own quirky aesthetic. Grimes is first and foremost a pop-drone project. 4. Props to Mischa for stringing together the denouement on a literal take of Genesis. 5. The pink badass lady is Brooke Candy, an underground internet rapper. I think that Grimes made her steal the show deliberately. Grimes is totally a proponent of making music with other females who emerge into popularity through the internet. 6. Seriously, why the negativity? This is such a unique and interesting video (and well edited). I love her for showing females as sexual and powerful but never letting this motif run the show. I take this video over commercialized ones showing booties and champagne sipping any day.
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August 23, 2012 on Grimes – “Genesis” Video