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Freudian slip on that Joey Bada$$ title?
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February 25, 2016 on Stop Trying To Make French Montana Happen
The '80s called... they want all of "Hot Fuss" back. Springsteen called... he wants all of "Sam's Town" back.
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May 7, 2015 on Brandon Flowers Agrees 150% With “Blurred Lines” Ruling
Great article. I've never seen my opinion of, "Illmatic is a definite classic, but current rappers should steer clear of any attempt at replicating it," explained so well.
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April 18, 2014 on Illmatic Turns 20
I don't think it was until "We Were Dead..." that the poppy elements started bothering me. What did bother me about this album is the beginning of their skronk-folk sound, with banjos, "King Rat" and all of that. The trio of "Dance Hall," "Bukowski" and "This Devil's Workday" (confound those infernal horns!) all dip into this sound. MM's early folky moments were cooler to me because they weren't as cleanly produced and they used additional instruments sparingly and wisely (those amazing strings on "Lounge" and "Talking Shit About a Pretty Sunset" for two "Long Drive.." examples). These days it sort of seems like Brock and Co. take a "fuck it, throw in a hurdy gurdy" approach to composition. It might just be a personal bias, but that's the main thing that's irked me about my favorite band over the last ten years of their career. I still have faith that the ~2014 album will hold some cool surprises though.
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April 4, 2014 on Good News For People Who Love Bad News Turns 10
Wow, whichever one of them is doing the vocals has been keeping their spot-on Robert Smith impression a secret up until now.
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March 10, 2014 on The Snow – “Memory Loss”
Yeah, this is the song responsible for misting my eyes. May just be a momma's boy, but damn, the man can really hit you right in the sad spot. And re:Red House Painters... "Have You Forgotten?" is still the Koz song that makes me "bawl so hard" the most.
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February 11, 2014 on Album Of The Week: Sun Kil Moon Benji
El's never made a bad album, but I'll Sleep When Your Dead is surely his magnum opus. Spot on.
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January 29, 2014 on El-P Albums From Worst To Best
Juicy J also "made it rain" on Arsenio a few months ago:
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January 28, 2014 on Watch Ty Dolla $ign & DJ Mustard Play Arsenio
"the entire 'emo revival,' which seems like straight-up Coachella-bait, is absent." Ummm... Title Fight anyone?
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January 10, 2014 on The Coachella 2014 Poster Font Size Hunger Games
More like Sun Kil Swoon...
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January 10, 2014 on Sun Kil Moon – “Ben’s My Friend”
I usually resent all of your attempts to draw parallels between artists (the recent Blood Orange/Dr. Dre one fell particularly flat), but the Beatles/Radiohead comparison is spot-on
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November 27, 2013 on Beatles Albums From Worst To Best
Am I the only one who likes The Grey Album better? I'm not DangerMouse's biggest fan or anything, I just think that album is amazing. No one will ever make such great beats out of Beatles songs ever again. Don't get me wrong, Black Album has lots of great production on it, but it's sound is scattered as fuck. It's like if you put Danny Brown's "Old" in a blender and the track order stopped making sense. Maybe this is kind of all boiling down to the fact that I think Rick Rubin's beat on "99 Problems" is obnoxious and that mashing it up with "Helter Skelter" was one of the best ideas since flint met tinder.
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November 15, 2013 on The Black Album Turns 10
You forgot the Arctic Monkeys' latest album... which is worse than any of those albums IMO
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October 25, 2013 on NME’s Top 500 Albums Of All Time
Anybody else hear a slightly gruffer Isaac Brock?
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October 18, 2013 on Band To Watch: Bars Of Gold
"save for broadcast" ?? that's the second typo I've seen on the site today, after the one in the Blood Orange article that said Dev Hynes "collaborated" with Solange and Blood Orange.
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October 1, 2013 on Watch A$AP Ferg & A$AP Rocky Play Arsenio
This list should just consist of the first ten tracks of Silent Alarm... But I guess that would've been boring
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August 1, 2013 on The 10 Best Bloc Party Songs
My top 5: state lines - for the boats my bloody valentine - mbv ghostface killah and adrian younge - twelve reasons to die daft punk - random access memories deafheaven - sunbather
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June 4, 2013 on Stereogum’s Top 25 Albums Of 2013 So Far
I've always referred to this sort of separation of an artist's behavior and art as the "Kanye rule." The main point being that, even if I think (or know) that the artist is a dick/criminal/misogynist/insert-any-negative-character-trait, I won't let that get in the way of enjoying their art.
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February 13, 2013 on Deconstructing: Chris Brown, Surfer Blood, And Villainizing Entertainers
how dare you compare Mumford to Zeppelin, or even AC/DC
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February 9, 2013 on In Defense Of Mumford & Sons
4/5 of the top five are from Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. That's your problem right there.
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January 31, 2013 on The 10 Best OutKast Songs
Is the purpose of these "worst to best" lists to go against the grain? Because it sure seems like you guys are baiting some angry comments
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January 10, 2013 on The Smiths Albums From Worst To Best
Yeah, Vicious Lies is basically a continuation of the through-line started by "Follow Us"-- decent, flexible rapping, busy production, and a sub-par contribution by a sub-par indie rock group
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December 11, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Big Boi Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors