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Once upon a time in a land where kids grew up actually liking music for what it was worth. Role models were sparce so songs that had tounge in cheek references to sex were fun. Now adays you kids can say all these words on the radio by mixing it with a vocoder, or a quick mask ...oh and Kurdt and Courtney got married monogamously ...that means not sharing your beds with multiple partners for the sake of a good time, and they had a child that they cared about deeply enough to sober up ( even if it was temporarily ) Then came david geffen who exploited all the bands to get one super collossel cash in . The evil record companies crushed the good creative acts and supported the ones that brought healthy draw and commercial followings accross universal channels. Perry Ferrel had to go into hiding , and the Chili Peppers became pop. The foo Fighters went around glamorizing garage rock anthems and soon the world was devistated by over produced synthetic dance hits. And Lady Gaga began to dominate the airways. The record companies bottled up and quit and sometime later Hanna Montana changed her name back to Miley, and shaved her head. Or was that Britney. O hell...who cares
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August 27, 2012 on Watch Rare Footage Of Kurt & Courtney Duet “Stinking Of You”
Dude....Is Courtney done yet ? And in a world that allows her nonsense to continue we must sally forth. Who cares about that withered hamberger that lives between your thighs Courtney. Its so sad. Lana is just trying to get her 15 minutes of Andy Warhol in before she starts to look even more like a transvestite...by which I think her modelling will do well. Not as hot as Francis Bean...meow... Everyone loves the Heroin chic look this year. But Courtney needs to know its..".without the heroin." Courtney is not the new Yoko, ANd if someone has bought her a coffin please see to it that she is returned to it before dawn. As for Poor lil Lana. Your sound is different , too bad you have to be in Adeles shadow musically. You would have liked this thing we had in the 80s called MTV ...it was funner than lipsyncing
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August 27, 2012 on Courtney Love To Lana Del Rey: “Heart-Shaped Box” Is About My Vagina
Okay ...so Radiohead is pompus. Yes. Richie Blackmore is a bad ass, yes,. Billy ( really ...He calls himself Billy still ..wow) is trying to play Transcendental Guru. Without Richie Blackmore ther would be no Yngvie , and without Pompus there would be no Thurston (Sonic YOuth) . But I have to say he is right about Soundgarden, and any leftover Grunge crap soaking up the 20 year itchy bitchy check. Sad enough as Uncle Fester is ( aka Billy ) he has survived loss. I mean playing in a band with a girl bass player is hard enough, but losing members to drug addiction like they did on the verge of what was suppose to be the Grandeous "Meloncholy Tour" does give him a rite of passage in someway. What the Pumpkin Smasher doesnt know is that 1979 , Tonight and "Today is the greatest " was his time. Like Eminem said to Moby ..."Shut up old man, what are you like 40 or something" ...we all get our moment in the sun. Too bad for Billy it was a 2 hour too long set list show in 1996 that made his lasting power die. The days he can wear his glittery silver shirt are long gone. He will be doing raves soon. just you wait. Him and Moby can open for LMFAO ...and noone will know the wiser.
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August 27, 2012 on Billy Corgan Will “Piss On Fucking Radiohead”