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Top five DB albums is always a matter of preference, as they are all equally perfect, but to not put "Heroes" in there somewhere is fucking sacrilege. It's the yin to Low's yang. It's the Amnesiac to Low's Kid A. It's got the song 'Heroes' on it.
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March 23, 2013 on David Bowie Albums From Worst To Best
I wonder where this was filmed. Really cool video. If WHY? had a float at the Macy's parade, I might actually attend.
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September 28, 2012 on WHY? – “Strawberries” Video (Stereogum Premiere)
I love how Corgan talks a whole lot about how he made it across the divide and that this whole "indie" thing ain't working out so hot cause all the new bands aren't breaking through with iconic records... What he fails to mention is that he made it across that divide with the help of massive corporate marketing schemes in an age before mp3s, leaked albums, and torrented downloads. Don't worry so much, Corgan. We all love ya. Just let your music speak for itself.
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September 20, 2012 on Billy Corgan On The State Of The Alternative Community