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Not to metion Dr DRE wtf? not even on there. He has produced more albums, artists, recordings that have hit the top of the charts, not only that but put Cali on the map, as well as Gansta Rap ( with a little help from Snopp, 2PAC and a few others) the man is a fuckin phenomenal, but not there, let alone below Jay-Z. NWA should be waaaayyyyyyy higher than they are. Jay-Z brags about himself every, i mean every song. ok J we know that you sold crack, we know you came from nothing, we know that you where head of a record label. Fuck enough already. And again coldplay? Dude enough that got like one album that sold a bunch, wtf. In that case Marky Mark sold a shit ton of albums he should be on here. Wheres Tool. WTF?! Maynards voice could give chills to Satan himself. Justin really that high? Ok, great artist. Greaaaaat artist to play if you want panties dropped. Busted out of that horrible boy band...yes. top 100....fuck no. Radiohead is a fucking joke. A fucking Joke. Good solid band, HUGE CULT following. top 100.....FUCK NO. let me repeat....FUCK NO!!!!!!! top 200 FUCK NO!!!! If you said top 10 for Best Cult following, understandable. as well as The Misfits, Which in my opinion The Misfits took punk, TOOK punk slammed to the ground, whipped its narly cock out, pissed on, stomped on, helped back up, stabbed with a Bowie knife several times in the gut, then asked "Hey punk rock, want more?" then ate it. The misfits baby Punk legends, not fags that have long hair and sing about a girl named Sheena, or a Labotomies.
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September 8, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time
Holy fucking dog balls!!!! ColdPlay really? really guys ColdPlay? Fine i can deal with that, but in10, 15, or 20 years will they be there? and Black Sabbaths Position WHAT THE FUCK the band that literally, FUCKING LITERALLY CHANGED they way people play, not only that but kicked the hippies in the face. Not only that, DIO?!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!! people, he created, FUCKING CREATED the rock in roll symbol we use as rockers when we head bang, not only that the man is fucking prolific songwriter. Sade...who the fuck is that ( i know who she is its sarcasm) and AC/DC, do you know how many rythems hip hop artists and rap artists use from AC/DC, let alone the countless remakes we here of AC/DC? I agree with Beatles and Bob, But Jimmy so low. LOWER than the fuckin pedaphile Mike jackson really? Micheal only was up there becuase he recently passed away and VH1 would proly get emails pouring in about how he deserves it....BS. He is talented yes, Awsome dancer, and changed the way hip hop dancers dance today yes, top 5....fuck no. Let alone above fuck GOD. aka JIMI.... Last two things, Beyonce, Beatiful, yes. Woman power, positive yes. on this list....NO. Top 200 yes. VH1 should be ashamed of this list and the outcome. People have lost there damn minds....and as for that you want to talk about top hits and #1's, as well as THE face of Country...George Strait. But nope not in these times. You mention country music now, and automatically you are a rap/hip hop hating white trash redneck that has no understanding of music. BULLSHIT! Not one damn country artist on here. By the way...If Lemme got into a fight with God, who would win? If you do not know the answer you should not, ever fucking post your close minded ignorant opinions again let alone share them with any one. STUDY YOUR MUSIC ALL OF IT. all types and then talk to me.
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September 8, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time