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Every time I hear "I can't prepare for death any more than I already have..." A little voice in my head says "Yes you can!" and a single tear comes to my eye. Then he whisper-yells "I've got a heavy metal mouth, it hurls obscenities... and again I think, "there is no one who could whisper such rage." "Gimmie one good reason not to do it...(because I love you)" I guess that wasn't a good enough reason. Obviously, he was tortured. But the one bit of solace we can take is that his pain brought forth beautiful fruit. It's a sad truth that those who see the world best, and feel its pain the most, are the best ones to help us realize how the world truly is, but they also can't stand to live in the world and rail to get back to wherever we came from. At least we have this much from him.Maybe in another 100 years he'll decide to incarnate again and our future selves can again witness the beauty.
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