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This is a supergroup that I would support. If only it was more than a single cover.
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May 2, 2014 on Iggy Pop, Nick Cave, & Thurston Moore – “Nobody’s City” (The Gun Club Cover)
Thank you for sharing this. Awesome cover. Is Dave Grohl playing on their upcoming album?
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January 25, 2013 on Ghost – “I’m A Marionette” (Abba Cover) (Feat. Dave Grohl)
Like her or not, she is an incredible rapper. A lot of her singles go the singing pop route, which doesn't showcase her skill (and isn't that good in my opinion). However, listen to the first half of her new cd, any of her guest verses, or her mixtapes pre-major label.
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April 8, 2012 on Nicki Minaj – “Beez In The Trap” (Feat. 2 Chainz) Video
It has been a while. Great to hear some new Cadence Weapon. Marcus is right. Definitely underrated.
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April 5, 2012 on Cadence Weapon – “Conditioning” Video
Nick Cave is always a good choice for a cover song.
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April 3, 2012 on Japandroids – “Jack The Ripper” (Nick Cave Cover)
I love the gorillaz. I enjoy the song. But that video was boring.
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February 29, 2012 on Gorillaz – “DoYaThing” Video (Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000)
James Murphy loves brazilian jiu-jitsu. Baboon with a gi makes a lot of sense.
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February 22, 2012 on Gorillaz – “DoYaThang” (Feat. James Murphy & Andre 3000)
I agree that it deserves to be treated apathetically. But only because it is a lazy attempt to be shocking. Not because it isn't fair to be men.
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February 21, 2012 on Odd Future – “Rella” Video (NSFW)
yeah I agree. Anyone who is even slightly offended by a band/music video using a man slapping a woman for humor must be a reactionary. Not like a little domestic violence ever hurt anyone...
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February 21, 2012 on Odd Future – “Rella” Video (NSFW)
Love the album. Not as big a fan of the video. Although the ending definitely pulls it together in an impressive manner.
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December 21, 2011 on Javelin – Canyon Candy Short Film (Stereogum Premiere)
I agree with you. awesome cover of a song that is not easy to cover well.
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December 2, 2011 on Trent Reznor & Karen O Cover “Immigrant Song”
brian may. very distinct guitar player.
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November 23, 2011 on Rolling Stone’s 10 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time
doesn't everyone dress up like their favorite dead hero's and make weird, somewhat dark, nostalgic videos?
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April 6, 2011 on Jared Leto As Kurt Cobain
Please explain why it is bad? I would agree that it is pointless. But as far as pointless roleplaying as a musical hero of yours goes it is pretty good.
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April 6, 2011 on Jared Leto As Kurt Cobain