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I used to get so excited to see these guys. Ughh. They went from gritty and energetic to polished and poppy. 1. Rubber Factory - At their peak! 2. Thickfreakness - Insanely impressive gritty 2nd album! 3. Attack and Release 4. Brothers 5. Magic Potion 6. The Big Come Up - A nice debut. 7. El Camino - Not horrible but the downfall is in full gear. 8. Turn Blue - Over polished pop trash turd
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June 11, 2015 on El Camino (2011)
Yeah i don't see how she is saying spark. F word all the way!!
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November 23, 2014 on Gwen Stefani – “Spark The Fire”
Of course its okay! Arcade fire is not your normal band. I am actually surprised that people are complaining because i didn't really think there were "casual" Arcade fire fans. Its a band you need to connect with on an emotional level to appreciate. If you really want to see the band live, i dont see why this would be a road block. Its a privelige for me to see this band live. If they want me to dress up, then I dress up Oh, no i have to dress up for 3 hours!!!!! Are people really that lazy? If you're just a weirdo bandwagon fan that wants to see a hot band then i guess i could see you bitching. Point being a fan that really cares will shut up and dress up. If the band was coming closer to my town I would jump on it in an instant, I will wear whatever the hell they want! The band says their best shows happen when its a fun carnival atmosphere and i want the best experience possible, thats okay by me. People just like to complain. Ughhhh, kids these days.
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November 21, 2013 on Is It OK For Arcade Fire To Have A Dress Code At Their Concerts?
Bat for lashes, yuck! Shes got a weird nose. Put on some clothes.
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July 26, 2012 on The 40 Coolest NSFW Album Covers