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Olof is very definitely the guy in the purple jumpsuit with the light blue scoop neck shirt beneath it directly below Shannon Funchess.
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August 21, 2014 on The Knife Break Up
Season. Dammit. (seriously, it's good)
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November 15, 2012 on Win A Remastered Beatles Vinyl Box Set
Yoko Ono's Seasons of Glass!
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November 15, 2012 on Win A Remastered Beatles Vinyl Box Set
I have so much to say about PJ Harvey that I don't know where to start. Dry is incredible. It's raw and honest, but it also mixes pagan and Biblical imagery throughout in a way that was exciting and seemed subversive to the religiously confused teenager that I was when I discovered this album.
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June 29, 2012 on Dry Turns 20
I agree with that last sentence. I forgot how good whitechocolatespaceegg was until a friend pulled it out on a road trip recently.
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May 22, 2012 on Liz Phair – “And He Slayed Her” Video
Goldfrapp - "Strict Machine"
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April 4, 2012 on Win A $400 Logitech UE Air Speaker
It Sucks that I'm Dead (because I would only let it be published posthumously duh)
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March 9, 2012 on Friday Giveaway: Being Flynn Soundtrack & Book + Bose Earbuds!
Shock of the day, I heard that interview while I was at a friend's, and she didn't use the fake British accent at all.
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February 10, 2012 on Madonna Comments On M.I.A.’s Bird Flip
Put MAYA back on. It's a pretty fantastic record.
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February 3, 2012 on M.I.A. – “Bad Girls” Video
PJ Harvey - On Battleship Hill
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December 20, 2011 on Win A $200 JAMBOX Wireless Speaker
Wasn't he fucked over by his manager for basically all his money a few years ago? I say, more power to him.
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October 19, 2011 on Leonard Cohen Used In Sony Ad
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April 4, 2011 on Tomboy Comment Party: Stream The Album, Post Your Reviews