Best Musical Decade: 1986 - 1995 Hi! I'm Tom. I live in Denver, CO and love early 90s guitar-based music, whether indie, post-hardcore, math rock, OSDM, thrash, shoegaze, or alt country. I used to be in a handbell choir. GBV4ME.

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I normally abide by the Bambi rule that we had in our house growing up: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." But this in no way, shape, or form does any justice whatsoever to *Everybody Works* which I found incredibly well-produced; top 10-15 material for the year. I can't tell if what we're seeing here is a product of a really sloppy live act (because they're new to her material, or, um, maybe not great players, or whatever), if the sound/mic'ing/set-up totally sucked, or if it was just a bad day. But yeah. This was rough.
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September 20, 2017 on Watch Jay Som’s Stereogum Session
Only two of those words describe Manson, so I know you're lying to me. // "Sweet old thing." "Only two of those words describe Mom, so I know you're lying to me." "Old thing gave it to me."
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September 11, 2017 on Marilyn Manson – “WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE”
This is an appropriate response by Spotify. Questions will abound when considering bands like Inquisition, and even any project involving Phil Anselmo. Arghoslent's removal was natural and obvious (but the effing riffsssss...). There are many gray areas in the realm of metal, as "hate" is a cornerstone philosophical tenant of the lyrical content. Honest question: Would Spotify remove a song espousing racist views from perspectives outside of white supremacy? How about grotesquely misogynistic music? I can't help but feel that this could end up being a slippery slope. Whether or not they're free to censor music because they're a private company has little to do with whether they *should* censor the music. Mike Tyson once had a TV interview where he was cursing up a storm and generally being vintage Mike Tyson, and the interviewer asked something to the effect of, "Hey, Mike, we're on TV, why do you have to talk like that?" to which Iron Mike replied, "If you don't like it, change your station." Don't we all have a choice as to on we hit play? If you don't like it... change your station.
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August 17, 2017 on Spotify Removes White Supremacist Music
My cousin's name is Michael Hunt. He goes by Michael. Hunt. This is not a joke.
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August 9, 2017 on Man Arrested For Allegedly Peeing On Family During Metallica Concert
My never ending quest to find "RIYL Les Savy Fav" bands led me to these guys in the mid-aughts. Cool to see them pop up again.
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July 7, 2017 on Thunderbirds Are Now! Release First New Music In 10 Years
Thanks, SM, for reaching back out. I, too, agree with everything you wrote here, but would expect that they'd hit more of the "Pumpkins Cognoscenti" deep cuts and true fan favorites as opposed to the "singles." That would mean "Hummer" and "Mayonaise" instead of "Today" and "Disarm" for example. Etc, etc. This was a long road to realize that you and I agree with almost everything related to the Pumpkins and would probably be friends should we meet in real life. [Hits play on "Frail & Bedazzled"]
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July 5, 2017 on Jimmy Chamberlin Hints At Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour
Do you write elsewhere on the internet? I read your comment (which is not nearly the right word) about your ICP incident in the Netherlands and it was incredible, as was the above. The actual events weren't so incredible as was your style of recounting them. I think your style is pretty recognizable after only a few hundred words. I'd read more if more was available. Nicely done. [Please accept this as RL;DR: Right length, did read]
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July 5, 2017 on Premature Evaluation: Broken Social Scene Hug Of Thunder
I'll play: For cadence and intensity: Proscriptor McGovern; For precociousness: Pelle Åhman (he was 17 on In Solitude's debut; listen and be amazed!); For cave man-level lunacy: John Tardy; For singing while yelling: John Baizley; For utter unmistakable uniqueness: Dagon; For God's Sake: Dani Filth Special shout out to Leila Abdul-Rauf and Daniel Butler from Vastum who sing my favorite duets.
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June 30, 2017 on The Lurking Fear – “Vortex Spawn”
I was just looking through my post and wondered where I wrote that they'd play a tour filled with, quote-unquote "all [my] favorites!" I celebrate their entire catalogue (almost), but prefer everything up-and-through MC&tIS. Even with 2-3 songs off of G, SD, PI, and MC, they'd have a pretty lengthy set list, "focused" on their earlier material. Which would make sense given the personnel.
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June 30, 2017 on Jimmy Chamberlin Hints At Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour
This would be incredible. D'arcy is the tastemaker in the band, Jimmy is a world class skins man, and James balances out Billy's delusions of grandeur. The last major trip this rumor had through the mill, Billy mentioned a stockpile of *Gish* and *Siamese Dream*-esque riffs, and that a reunion would be the perfect place to deploy them. Yes, and YES. If the only thing we got out of this was a tour with a early-90s setlist focus, it would be a win, but the prospect of another "Starla," however remote, has me palpitating. Early Pumpkins are easily my #1 collection of songs and sonics, any genre, any era. Lemme have it.
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June 29, 2017 on Jimmy Chamberlin Hints At Smashing Pumpkins Reunion Tour
Have always enjoyed this band's approach and sonics, but was never grabbed by their songs. The melodies in the above-shared slab, however, signal that they might've put it all together on this outing. Pre-ordering with optimism! [Also, if you're reading, Cloakroom, what are you using to drive your distortion? Pedal investment time...]
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June 20, 2017 on Cloakroom – “Seedless Star” Video
Great recommendation on the Blind Shake! They remind me of a cross between Hot Snakes (Swami Records tie-in) and Wipers. Good lookin' out.
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June 15, 2017 on Mudhoney – “Neanderfuck”
Biggest omissions: Power Trip, Thunder Dreamer, The Courtneys, Necrot (drops this Friday, destroys everything), Extremity, Caddywhompus, and one to look out for in the 2nd half that will almost certainly be slept upon: KANE STRANG
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June 6, 2017 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2017 So Far
Phenomenal opportunity for those less guitoriented among the SG commentariat to see what can be done with six strings in today's day and age. Both *Lore* and *Reflections...* are masterclasses in performance and composition with an axe, and rarely will eleven-minute songs sound more compact and coherent without flagging or lagging. Elder are the absolute real deal and I'm thrilled to see them spotlighted with an AotW. \m/
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May 30, 2017 on Album Of The Week: Elder Reflections Of A Floating World
I literally said, out loud, in my office, FUCK YES, when I saw new Elder was premiering. *Lore* is probably my favorite album of any genre in the last few years. My expectations are insanely high, and I have no doubt they'll be pulverized by this new one after listening to the new track. I own a few guitars and a banjo, and I want to set them all on fire listening after listening to Elder. This is mastery of form.
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May 5, 2017 on Elder – “The Falling Veil”
Definitely near the top of the heap of mid-90s indie rock indebted bands. There's an authenticity to their sound that other similar bands seem to lack. If you told me this was recorded in 1996, I'd merely wonder how I missed it the first time around. *Personal Life* was great... this sounds better.
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April 25, 2017 on Two Inch Astronaut – “Play To No One”
The Futureheads' s/t would like a word with you.
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April 18, 2017 on Album Of The Week: Charly Bliss Guppy
Quicksand: "How Soon Is Now" is a tremendous Smiths cover.
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April 17, 2017 on Car Seat Headrest – “That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore” (The Smiths Cover)
I read the entire intro, then scrolled down to see where what I believe to be a high-water mark, *The Air Force*, slotted, and was GOBSMACKED to see it outside of the top 10, let alone top 3. Totally absurd. The 2000s run from TAF through DG,IHM was totally sublime. I think *Forget* is a true return to form (*Always* isn't bad), but... wow. I don't usually take to the comments to voice outright dissent, but there is no world where XX's cover album of *Twin Peaks* slots above *TAF*. Senselessly provocative, and beyond the realm of subjectivity, IMO. Which is a silly thing to say about any music journalism/critique, but... nope. TAF'ers unite!
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March 7, 2017 on Xiu Xiu Albums From Worst To Best
Without putting words into her mouth, and imagining Melina would probably want just the opposite, I can't help but feel this album will be devastating to other artists who are about to put some music out into the world. I mean... IT'S SOOO GOOD. How can your little jingles stack up? THEY CAN'T. Why try? DON'T. Everyone else, stop recording, sell your guitars, and get a normal haircut. The insurance industry awaits. With me.
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March 2, 2017 on Stream Jay Som Everybody Works
Indeed. The Fucking Champs are/were one of the best bands going.
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March 2, 2017 on Trans Am – “Alles Verboten”
Soooooo so many private, special times in my life soundtracked by this album. In fact, we've got a chicken/egg thing going on here: I don't know if I reached for this album when life called for something introspective and wistful, or if the mere act of putting this album on created a headspace that couldn't help but be both of those things. For such a quiet, reserved performance, it absolutely demands your attention. Never before have so few decibels sounded so loud.
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February 24, 2017 on Either/Or Turns 20
This comment makes perfect sense, word for word. Thank you for writing it, and now you can get out of my head.
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February 23, 2017 on HEALTH – “Euphoria” Video & DISCO 3 Album Stream
This year's Mitski. And I don't mean that in the way that any white Wide Receiver is always and ONLY compared to other white WRs. I mean it in that both of these gals can absolutely play and write top-notch deluxe songs. In fact, the closer proxy for sound, based more on "The Bus Song," is Land of Talk, IMO. They have that same ability to be anthemic without being corny, and still seemingly fragile despite the grandeur. If you told me this was a long-lost LoT song, I'd totally believe you. I mean this as the highest praise. Jay Som is gonna be a thing we talk about this year. Exciting! In other news, Topshelf Records A&R division is totally on point. Not that I don't love Polyvinyl, but would've like to see her stay with them. I'm sure distribution and budget are significantly better at Polyvinyl. I digress.
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February 23, 2017 on Artist To Watch: Jay Som
This shit is lit-er than a mofo. I'm going to blow up our office with these grooves if it continues to build like the first few minutes have. Stuff like this is endlessly replayable, and works in a LOT of different contexts, IMO. Fun aside: Before Andrew and Ben had even released *Street Horrrsing* (as Fuck Buttons, obv), they came through StL and played a pretty intimate show. I remember one of them using one of those Fischer Price microphones into another microphone, distorting the hell out of it, and terrifying everyone in attendance. In any event, I ended up at the same house as them afterwards, and talked with Andrew at length. To date it is the only time I've offered touring musicians a place to crash, and the only time I've been taken up on it. Super chill, cool dudes. In any event, everything they've made as FB has been rad, and this might top all of that.
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February 23, 2017 on Stream Blanck Mass World Eater
HUGE potential with this band. Yuge. Bigly talents, these guys. But for real, that Sioux Falls album was my 2nd or 3rd fave from last year. Amped for the next.
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February 22, 2017 on Strange Ranger – “Nobody Knows If” & “One Mississippi/Light In Through The Window”
The pedigree, when you think about it, is almost unrivaled in terms of alt/indie rock guitar: Pumpkins, Slint, Chavez? GTFO. I love the Zwan album, fwiw, and agree that "Mary Star of the Sea" is on par with the best of any of those bands, but unfortunately, the sum never exceeded the parts, and only occasionally rivaled it. Probably Billy's fault (definitely his fault), and I've defended Billy the songwriter/guitarist forever because I'm a Pumpkins apologist to a fault. New Chavez was great, if only a tease. Billy's hinted at returning to a *Gish*/*SD* sound if he gets the original lineup together. I don't know what I'm going on about. Sorry. I just get excited when the talk turns to early-/mid-90s guitar rock.
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February 22, 2017 on Dave Pajo: Billy Corgan Is A “Bully” Who Scolds His Fans, Obsesses Over White Stripes Album Sales
Wait... WHAT?! Nervosas are no longer a thing? Their trajectory was insane! Say it ain't so! [Sorry to Middle Children for ignoring them. Also, sorry to middle children for ignoring them.]
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January 30, 2017 on Middle Children – “Fish”
I almost feel as if they'd have to release under a different moniker if he didn't have his standard three tracks. It wouldn't be a NP album without them.
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January 27, 2017 on The New Pornographers – “High Ticket Attractions”