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Songs 2-7 on PI, "Frail and Bedazzled" through "Hello Kitty Kat" might be the single best block of alternative rock recorded in the 90's. Plume and Hello might be my favorite ever Pumpkins tracks. So good... And to think to Billy left off Drown & Glynis for arbitrary reasons... It's a damn shame the bloom fell off the rose.
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October 3, 2014 on Pisces Iscariot Turns 20
All I want is a decent recording of "Let Me Give The World To You"..the greatest song SP never properly released. Exciting times...
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July 17, 2014 on Billy Corgan’s Mad At Amazon For Leaking The 107-Song Adore Box Set Tracklist
Yoko is awesome. YLT is awesome. This song ruled. And some people are's sad really.
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July 8, 2014 on Yoko Ono & Yo La Tengo Glastonbury Video Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons
1. Wild Cub - "Thunder Clatter" 2. Jack White- "Lazaretto" 3. Spanish Gold- "Out in the Streets" 4. Real Estate- "Talking Backwards" 5. Tune Yards- "Water Fountain"
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June 17, 2014 on Let’s Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014
Really digging the new Spanish Gold record "South of Nowhere". Also was curious why there was no love for new Jack White or Phantogram records...
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June 17, 2014 on The 50 Best Albums Of 2014 So Far
I think the point of Arcade Fire's rant is that technically anyone could be up there conducting a Daft Punk or DangerMaus set...the fact that their public personas are hidden behind masks renders this explicitly so. I like Daft Punk, and would pay to see them perform live, but I also have to take into account the possibility that it might not really be them behind their masks. There's a lack of authenticity...
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April 23, 2014 on Deadmau5 Takes Issue With Arcade Fire’s EDM Jabs, Fires Shots On Twitter
Just wanted to chime in and give props to "Pillars of Davidson" ..despite not even making your review, it's easily the highlight of the album for me. It's a weird thing for a "Grunge" band to try and write a Springsteen style anthem, and I thought Live pulled it off and then some...
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April 20, 2014 on Throwing Copper Turns 20
Just wanted to give a shout out to the Red Album too...As a person who adores the first four Weezer albums, "Troublemaker' might still be my favorite all time Weezer song. How's that for arts & crafts???
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March 20, 2014 on Watch Weezer Tease New Music From The Studio
Jeff Ament not having a goofy hat makes me sad...
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March 19, 2014 on Check Out These Lego Versions Of 20 Famous Bands
The story I heard about Chad Channing was that Kurt & Krist both thought he was an awful drummer, but kept him in the band because he came from a wealthy family, who offered to pay for the band's demos. They ultimately fired him, as soon as they could, when they started getting major label offers. Musical notwithstanding, he's seems like a decent dude and it's commendable that neither he nor Jason Everman have tried to sell their various stories regarding the band's early years.
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March 18, 2014 on KISS Fans Rejoice: Nirvana’s Chad Channing Won’t Be Inducted Into The Rock Hall After All
No Undercover of Darkness? Man that's a tune...
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March 29, 2013 on The 10 Best Strokes Songs
No Japandroids? And that XX record is boring as F*ck...
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November 27, 2012 on NME’s 50 Best Albums Of 2012
The Zombies currently consist only of Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone. The rest of the original members have either passed or have retired.
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November 9, 2012 on SXSW 2013 Initial Lineup Announced: Thurston Moore, Alt-J, Marnie Stern, More
Paul & Tommy ARE The Replacements...Chris didn't even play on the last tour and barely played on the last record (and from what I've read is unwilling to play the drums ever again.).Furthermore, it's for a good cause. I'm excited to hear Paul's take on I'm Not Saying. The Nico version of that song is incredible, and it'll be interesting to see if The 'Mats can top it.
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October 3, 2012 on The Replacements Reunite For New EP
Did Prince fans or commentators stop calling him Prince (his given name, unlike Mos Def) just because he wanted to be called some unspeakable symbol?
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January 24, 2012 on Mos Def – “Niggas In Poorest”
Replacements are out. Paul hurt his hand, which means he cant play guitar. Belle and Sebastian should be hitting the festival circuit next year. So should Franz Ferdinand. And somebody should convince Damon to bring the Blur reunion to the states... As for reunions. my list: Lemonheads (with Juliana) Galaxie 500 Belly The Jam Outkast and the one that will never happen: Black Flag And how badass would it be to say I saw Bill Withers? After Sly Stone showed up this year, somebody should call Bill...
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August 17, 2010 on Who Should Headline Coachella 2011?