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Mark Kozelek sounds great w/ the Roots crew -- I can't believe "Down Colorful Hill" came out 20 years ago.
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October 9, 2012 on Watch Sun Kil Moon Play Fallon With The Roots
A Top 5/10/whatever list that isn't on 10 separate gallery pages! Thank you!!
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September 24, 2012 on The 10 Best Pixies Songs
Better than the riff raff mixtape fo' sho. Not sure that is saying too much!
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August 13, 2012 on Three Loco – “We Are Farmers (Feat. Diplo)”
The Dwarves "Blood, Guts and Pussy" deserves some consideration.
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July 26, 2012 on The 40 Coolest NSFW Album Covers