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i don't have a problem with ํ™”์ดํŒ…... i have a problem with hwaiting
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April 1, 2012 on The 20 Best K-Pop Videos
I am really glad and somewhat relieved that the focus of this article were the videos and not solely the music itself (though we all know that much of Kpop is the entire package, including the mvs, not just songs). I wouldn't have put some in the top 20 list that you did, but this only makes me realize that there are people who see K-pop as a slightly different thing than I do. I was a child when the first wave of K-pop first started but K-pop 1.0 was nothing like the current K-pop. If I read this article/watched the videos alone, I would think K-pop is very systematic, super-produced, super-futuristic, shiny as fuck, with a shit-ton of money to back it up. Those things may apply to the big 3 companies (SM, YG, and JYP), but besides the Big 3, many Kpop groups are a lot "less" than they pretend/wanna be, though some fake it well (I'm looking at you HyunA). That said, there are exceptions (like my newest favourite B.A.P. and singer IU from Loen Entertainment) in which impressive material come from non-SM/YG/JYP origins. There are also groups and artists that don't quite fit into the "K-pop" mold like Epik High/Tablo, Clazziquai, The Movement crew, even some more mainstream K-Indie bands - groups that are actually popular but have more artistry to their music than some of the groups listed here. Another thing I wanted to add is that #4 GD&TOP's High High was an actual party held at a club. I think it was held for two consecutive days or something like that. This might explain how GD&TOP may appear much less contrived as if they were really enjoying themselves. Sure enough all the usual suspects are there in the video - YG producers Teddy, Kush/e.knock, fellow Big Bang members Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri, &etc. It was a real party! PS. fuck yeah for putting 2NE1 at #1 PPS. people stop saying 'hwaiting' it embarrasses me
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March 25, 2012 on The 20 Best K-Pop Videos
I'm a born-Korean who pays a leetle too much attn to K-pop (who also haven't read Stereogum for at least five years) and I have to say this is a damn solid list. Now I'm going to go back and read all the descriptions then maybe even the comments :O I haven't read all the comments yet, but to the person who mentioned TVXQ/DBSK's Mirotic - while I agree that it is near "flawless" in performance, package and production, I feel like it is really geared towards a more J-pop crowd (or eat least people who can appreciate a Japanese sensibility when it comes to pop music).
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March 25, 2012 on The 20 Best K-Pop Videos