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Any lists that has those Japandroids poseurs on it is a groaner, and an eye roller and not to be taken seriously! I have never been more insulted by the collegiate insularity of there inane and asinine garbage! I don't know how it got there but i found this album in my iTunes yesterday and immediately deleted it! A) write a good song; B) pick an original name: Japancakes anyone?; C) learn how to play/tune your instruments; D) learn how to drive a set beyond opening with howling feedback whilst standing upon the bass drum, it's all downhill from there gents; E) don't get Mt St Helens Vietnam Band to open for you when you suck, you're sure to be destroyed and live in infamy as the worst two-piece pseudo-band of all time! I know this makes me sound like an angry old hipster hater sitting in small town Idaho or some such, I assure you that's not the case, I just think that these guys are the least deserving of hype I've come across, save for all the other hipster crap that's just willfully bad and poorly played as a statement of inefficient musical sacrilege! Earl and Tyler for president!
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December 6, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012
yeah, that's just kind of one of those uncreative hipstery lame-ass comments that makes everyone stop laughing after all the really funny people have gotten their most-hated on the list! like they couldn't think of a band (I don't see 311 on the list btw!!) but they remembered there was this pitchfork thing that they've never visited and name-dropped out of desperation to join in the laugh track!
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September 7, 2012 on ATTN: Employees – Do Not Buy These Used CDs
kind of a Feist meets Everything But the Girl vibe here; I don't know if it's a love it today/indifferent tomorrow thing but it makes me wish i was driving down the coast off Big Sur with nowhere important to be, smoking a cigarette and feeling as relaxed as the mix sounds! good stuff!
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September 7, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Jessie Ware Devotion
The extremely unpopular thing that i have to say is that it's really hard to 'prove' that you're gay, just like it's hard to prove you're straight unless you're standing in a crowd and making out with your objet d'amour. people hang out in all kinds of different social situations in different ways; watch a bunch of Korean or Japanese kids (teens) and you'll see a lot more physical contact between same-sex friends and not much between opposite sex friends, doesn't mean they're all gay (or even bi- or confused). So the unpopular part is that as much as I love Frank Ocean (Pyramids!!!!) and the whole Odd Future collective (esp T the C!!) I feel like the profile-raising coming-out party/announcement was a little to close to the launch of the record! I'm seeing publicity stunt written all over this, even if he is a 2-3 on the Kinsey scale, it makes for verrrrrry good press to come out as the first black gay soul singing member of an inflammatorily sexist/homophobic hip-hop crew. And as long as he doesn't get caught on film no one ever has to really know who is paying attention to his dickbag! I think Stevie was in his own very careful (if confusing) way trying to say something similar, I think he was calling him on the publicity-generating disingenuity of it, and not criticizing homosexuality!
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September 7, 2012 on Stevie Wonder Attempts To Clarify Frank Ocean Sexuality Comments
or if he's a dickbag then you could say that through his life he must've held a whole lotta dicks! that's pretty gay: )
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September 7, 2012 on Stevie Wonder Attempts To Clarify Frank Ocean Sexuality Comments
I love Why? but his 'rap' here sounds a leeetle too much like Cake!
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August 10, 2012 on WHY? – “Sod In The Seed” Video
this is awesome! welcome back to the 19th century everybody, at time in which, if you wanted to hear music, you had to learn to fucking play it yourself(!) or get a friend to play it for you or hire a court musician or go out somewhere and appreciate the real living flesh and blood talent of human beings who put their time and heart and sweat and energy into learning how to play an instrument, not a fucking iPod! kudos to you Beck, I will definitely be buying this!!
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August 10, 2012 on New Beck Album Song Reader Only Available As Sheet Music
wouldn't Blur have to have even 1(!) good song in order to start any kind of list that might fatuously deign to assume there might be 10? sorry to all the hipsters out there who might now at this very moment be plotting my demise! Damon Albarn is a very wise artist but I'll be gobsmacked if I'm going to give any kind of credence to theband responsible for that fucking Jock Jam atrocity woo-hoo-boys-who-like-girls-who-like-songs that suck the giant crap-cicle!
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August 10, 2012 on The 10 Best Blur Songs
had my macbook stolen/lost a few days ago, replaced it and this song is the first thing I came back to the web to get! first and only song in my itunes as of this comment!
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July 9, 2012 on Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”
the two pop culture imposters i hate the most! yes i just clicked on this to say so! to say that either of these 'artists' does anything other than try to cash in on some lukewarm contrivance of initial success is to bloat the conceit of fiction! haven't heard the song, don't need to and don't want to, but as i type this disparaging remark, it occurs to me that Coldplay and Rhianna sucking at being Coldplay and Rhianna is still probably better than that new Temper Trap really sucking at being Coldplay! hard to believe that the website that gave away that amazing Frank Ocean song would even flick a spasm in the direction of this mainstream auto-wanking!!
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June 10, 2012 on Coldplay – “Princess Of China” (Feat. Rihanna) Video
check the inside gate-fold (or back cover?) of Scorpions Lovedrive album for the real-est album/boob art. Twine had a nice nude on their last album, Roxy Music of course totally ruled the soft-focus breast-art of the 80s and then, well there's Duran Duran's original arthouse video for the Chauffeur!
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June 10, 2012 on Stream Fight Bite’s New LP
this makes me really hopeful that my plan to spend a year listening only to music that is given away legally online through blogs and itunes et al is going to provide some killer listens! this song is fucking astounding! some of the hipest grooviest most A-list production i've heard since Bon Iver's live footage from Coachella! thanks Frank! OFWGKTA!!
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June 10, 2012 on Frank Ocean – “Pyramids”