Throw in Akon, Lloyd, and Ne-Yo and they'll have basically assembled 2007's pop music B-Team in one room.
Afroman is clearly just concerned about ethics in concert behavior.
Kanye's doing his best impression of the dancing silhouettes in the old iPod commercials.
"The new names like James Blunt" Shit. I knew the UK was in a different time zone, but I had no idea that it's still 2004 over there.
Suge Knight's driving has now gotten more people killed in America than Ebola.
I've always preferred angsty Oberst over folksy Oberst so this is great news.
Well, I guess this rules out that Diplo/Swift collaboration that's been haunting my nightmares for the past few weeks.
“Justin has been asking us for years to roast him." Isn't this the equivalent of planning your own surprise birthday party?
You're either a troll or a garbage human being. Go back to 4chan where you belong.
....are we just glossing over the fact that people are still writing fan mail to Incubus?
That music video for Centuries made me think of Gladiator. Specifically: "Wow, everything about this is fucking awful. I should just watch Gladiator instead."
The sound you just heard is every state fair's music promoter flipping their table in frustration.
Someone working at Adult Swim reads/comments on Stereogum. #311TruthNow
Whole(shrunken)hearted agreement. Jens is the only person in the world that can rhyme cabbage with cabbage (or chili with chilly) and somehow make me love him more.
Cocaine is a hell of a drug. Also, when did Jonathan Rado turn into Harpo Marx?
I'm really relishing the fact that they can put this beef behind them. Maybe now they can ketchup.
"The lack of moral heroism from Karla de los Angeles and her co-killers Hilda Tenorio and Lupita Lopez represents the very worst aspects of Mexican life." Do me a favor Moz. Go watch Narco Cultura on Netflix and tell me with a straight face that bullfighting is the worst aspect of life there. Or better yet, preach that bullshit (pun intended) to the families whose sons and daughters have been kidnapped/murdered by the cartels. Bullfighting is dumb, but Morrissey is still a douche.
Further confirmation that RTJ's brilliance is genre-proof.
This is why an increasingly PC-oriented public and culture disturbs me. People feel like an artist needs to conform to their own personal values and anything that transgresses against it deserves an apology. Would we talk about bands like the Jesus and Mary Chain nowadays if they issued a statement during their prime saying "We understand that some people at our concerts were feeling alienated and depersonalized at our show. We will no longer turn our backs to the audience to ensure a good atmosphere for everyone"? That is not what an artist does. That's what a business says to keep its customers. At least Sia provided a context for her video to avoid people doubling down on the "pedophile" interpretation, but the very act of responding to something that absurd just feeds the Fake Outrage Machine.
Downvotes answer my question for me. Bye.
You guys really think you're that important, don't you?
I made an audible sigh of relief reading this headline. "It’s easy to imagine the beef heating up as year-end list season approaches its apex" Guys, just let it go. Maybe if this were between Azealia Banks and Beyonce or some shit, but I'm gonna take a wild leap and say that these two older musicians (mid-30's and mid 50's respectively) probably don't give any kind of monkey's batoot where their respective albums fall on a whole bunch of arbitrary internet lists. Hopefully all of this nonsense has run its course. It's like the Sopranos. It's over, man. Find a new show.
I think it's important that we reiterate that this was on Adult Swim.
...a Kid Rock political album? I'm already anticipating this being the worst release of 2015.
"probably still stands as the single best-known Gorillaz song"
Barely related, but I read yesterday that Method Man and Redman will be playing a show an hour away from me on 4/20. With Cypress Hill. My inner 90's stoner just put on his tie-dye cutoffs and cargo shorts in celebration.
I teared up a little watching the video once he started talking about his children. I'm a twenty something white dude, but the fear for your children and the fear for what kind of world that they will grow up in does not discriminate. Everything about this is just sad and depressing.
And listening to Angels and Airwaves is like throttling a family of snowy owls. See, I can hyperbolize too!
Dizzee has clearly been playing a LOT of Mortal Kombat lately. Dig it.
Why do you feel the need to impose your personal values on artists that you don't even know? Just because we get updates about one fraction of these artists' lives (interpersonal relationships with other musicians, their own musical tastes, their vocabulary) doesn't mean we know their entire life story. But hey, I'm sure asking them nicely to be "good" people will get them to conform to your world view. Also, sorry for suggesting that we use a music website to talk about music. Guess I'm missing the point.
Knowing Death Grips, I'm expecting this album out sometime between tomorrow and August 20, 2024. I'm also not wholly convinced that they've broken up for good, but that's for another thread.
No. We really don't need to keep talking about this. In fact, I have a theory that if we just started talking about the music again instead of constantly bringing up these TMZ-non feuds in the comment section, Stereogum would stop bringing it up themselves. To paraphrase another talented asshole, the joke isn't funny anymore.
This is beautiful. The only thing missing is El-P standing by on Mike's side like Burgess Meredith in Rocky with a bottle of Gatorade.
That's a big-ass island.
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