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Thought it was great. The production is higher quality but sounds murky and farther away, matching the lyrical themes. Oliver and Romy have grown immensely as vocalists. This album feels like I'm sitting inside of a train wreck as opposed to watching one from the outside. The lyrics, I'll admit, don't have the same sentimental clout as the first record, but I think that the improvements and innovation in the production make up for that. I may not be as enamored of this album as I was of the last, but then, it hasn't been the soundtrack for any emotional climaxes/nadirs of my life as of yet. And I think "Missing" would do great as post-breakup music (heaven forbid). The biggest mistake The xx made was leading with "Angels" as a single. It's too similar to their first album, and because of that people are mired in the mindset that the band hasn't grown. In my opinion, they've matured more than I expected: I expected a lot.
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