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SO jealous! I had to miss that show. Did they slay?
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October 29, 2015 on Tricot – “Pork Ginger” Video
I enjoy when band names are things
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February 9, 2015 on Inventions – “Peregrine”
Remember the Santogold/Santo Gold's Blood Circus/Santo Victor Rigatuso fiasco </3
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January 7, 2015 on Dears Force Deers To Change Their Name
it's definitely the newest model of the punch-you-in-the-face machine
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October 21, 2014 on Paula Temple – “DEATHVOX”
Way to cut off the best/most daring part of the photo </3
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August 4, 2014 on Kathleen Hanna Wants To Work With Miley Cyrus
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June 26, 2014 on Win Tickets To Iceland Airwaves 2014
I'm glad Morrissey doesn't take things too seriously
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February 27, 2013 on Morrissey Responds To Kimmel Diss
You are welcome Videogum! I couldn't keep the glory that is Ryan Rox hidden! HIS STORY HAD TO BE TOLD!
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November 26, 2012 on Every Second, Another Ryan Rox Is Born
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September 17, 2012 on METZ – “Wet Blanket”
actor model brad is just the best
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November 22, 2011 on The 2011 Gummy Awards: Vote Now!
t's not every day that you get to be affectionate around something Videogum, it just doesn't happen that often.
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July 11, 2011 on Friday Giveaway: Curb Your Enthusiasm Mug And Mousepad
I've never watched Glee, but I read these just because Gabe is so fucking funny. Can he change his name to Gaybe and get it over with already? (get Gabe....but gay...)
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November 10, 2010 on Glee S02E06: Have Côuragé, Kidz