had read that it'd be available at midnight, but you can buy on waste now:
I miss the morning benders.
A straight up punch to the gut. Godspeed, Ziggy. Thanks for showing us it's OK to be wonderfully weird.
20% of the Top 10 - FIGHT ME
i thought this headline said martin shkreli at first and i was like stereogum you've lost your goddamn mind
He reversed the decision on raising the drug price but then REVERSED THE REVERSED DECISION and kept the cost of the drug at $750:
"Odom was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel in October..." "Kardashian says she and Kanye visited Odom in the hospital and played him Kanye's new album." I'll let you use the context clues.
It's a scene in a bar with music - the similarities could end there for all we know.
Thank you for writing about this humanely other than a lot of sites I've seen saying Scott "admits" he suffers from bipolar disorder, as if he's committed a crime.
i don't know about you all but this was my
Yeah, I figured as much. I've seen you guys call that out towards the top before when there's an album one would assume would otherwise be AOTW.
thank you
this sounds like something that could have been on a Big Echo follow up before they completely switched up their sound. best thing i've heard from POP ETC.
where is Carrie & Lowell i've never been to that state
does this qualify for (indie) song of the winter
truly honored to be on a list surrounded by such great talent thanks all
Charli + Rostam = new favorite duo ("Kingdom" from the Hunger Games soundtrack was so great)
It really sucks they discontinued the iPod Classic. I've got 125GB of music on my hard drive, and that was the only player that would hold it all. My only option now if I want to have all of my music with me on the go (which I do, obviously) is to buy an unlocked 128GB iPhone and not put anything else on it (still wouldn't hold all of my music). Or two iPod Touches. Or something else absurd. Total first world problem, I know, but I'm dreading the day my current iPod Classic dies.
Certainly better than anything from their 2012 self-titled, but still leagues away from Big Echo (still as the morning benders). That record was pure magic.
It's linked at the end of the post:
He did do this shit right, though. Dude took and logged his temperature multiple times per day and the second it inched above normal, he set in motion the protocol Doctors Without Borders has in place to get to a hospital safely. Not sure where all these unsourced comments saying he was symptomatic for a few days are coming from - the first symptom to show itself is fever, which he did not have when he took his temperature on Wednesday night, and as soon as he did have on Thursday morning, he got to the hospital and the three people who maybe had contact with him that morning are now quarantined for 21 days.
He had no symptoms last night, it cannot be spread until you have symptoms. Everyone who was at the Gutter last night is fine.
so does this get automatically downloaded to my iPad or what
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