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The song is straight as hell. The releases off Vicious Lies keep getting fresher and cleaner. Big Boi is on the front lines of collaborations and sounds that have been setting the tone and direction for hip hop for over the last decade. This however is a generic ass post. Tom Brehan, just post the song and leave out the watered down commentary. Especially if you're going to misspell the name of the song. Dipshit. Oh and tell your buddies over at Pitchforck to quit copy and pasting your crap. They don't need any help looking any more stupid than they are. Two worthless sources of music review. Go over to my site to see a decent way to cover a release -
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November 10, 2012 on Big Boi – “Lines” (Feat. A$AP Rocky & Phantogram) (Stereogum Premiere)