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I do not think music needs categorizing/labeling such as "weird" or "pop"... If it was so then everything would sound formulaic... I feel like Lorde with this song and the rest of "Melodrama" did not stick to the formula that worked for her on "Royals"... She could have repeated that trick and sold millions again but I believe she did the right thing and for me "Green Light" is one of the best songs of the year... As an artist Lorde has got the power to transcend "pigeonholing"; she can do whatever she wants and still be successful, critically and commercially... This is why I wholly admire her because few of the other pop stars around can claim this!
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June 20, 2017 on Lorde Reveals Max Martin’s Criticism Of “Green Light,” Implies Melodrama Is A Concept Album About A House Party
Perfectly agree with Amilcar Schell... this album is NOT Two Suns and can never be... They are two excellent bodies of work... One can't top the other as they're excellent at what they are in their own different territories... You must not compare them.... This album has got it's instant moments "Lillies" hit me on first listen although upon more listens it revealed it's mystical sheen... I'm still puzzled how you didn't even mention 2 of this album's masterpieces... That's Oh Yeah & Winter Fields.... The latter as well as the title track are two of the most captivating BFL moments to date... Add that with Laura and you've got a shivering centerpiece to this album... Oh Yeah reveals more on the sensual side of Natasha Khan while Marilyn is possibly the boldest most confident song I've ever heard from them... I agree with the fact that there's no "Daniel" in here but it would sound out of place in this tighter body of work... The Haunted Man stands on it's own with so many stand out songs, each one complimenting the other to form one of the best albums of the year! *****
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November 10, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Bat For Lashes The Haunted Man
What an awesome song... you can say that this is Ladytron but the sound is very different... It's amazing how they always seem to re-invent themselves!!! 10/10
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May 19, 2011 on Ladytron – “White Elephant”