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Gotta give you props for calling me an ass for being so nit picky about the rhetoric! My beef was with the accuracy of the information, which was clearly wrong. They even changed the title of the article. You were right about the album coming out though!
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August 12, 2018 on Spotify Teases New Dirty Projectors Music Little Bubble
Listened to Youth Code entirely based off of this comment, was not disappointed at all. I can not wait to see the look on people's faces.
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March 30, 2018 on FYF Fest 2018 Lineup
In recent years, Lollapalooza seems to have this problem with finding original headliners, and this year is no exception. Of the top 9 acts on this bill, everyone in the first line has headlined at some point this decade, and only one act in the second line has never played the festival before (blink 182).
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March 22, 2017 on Lollapalooza 2017 Lineup
Didn't see the Denzel Curry one so I gotta add it https://mobile.twitter.com/devoidlessness/status/82289512729536102
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January 21, 2017 on Tim Heidecker Wrote A Song About Richard Spencer Getting Punched In The Face
Headline: Spotify Teases New Dirty Projectors Album Little Bubbles Body: "and whatever Little Bubbles actually is — presumably a new album but possibly just a new single" Rhetorical question: should a writer imply that a band teased a new album if there's no hard evidence of that confirmed album?
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December 17, 2016 on Spotify Teases New Dirty Projectors Music Little Bubble
"Most hearteningly, Bad Brains" Uh, I guess it's "heartening" when we get to see a band known for their unbridled homophobia/misogyny receive a nomination for the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, even if they're a hardcore band. That's the kind of stuff that warms the soul.
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October 18, 2016 on Pearl Jam, 2Pac, Bad Brains Nominated For Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
This song gets +100 awesome points for sounding like it could've come from Guero.
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August 16, 2016 on Beck – “Wow (GUAU! Mexican Institute Of Sound Remix)”
Note: don't try to stay up for thirty hours after pitchfork and try to write a thinkpiece because it won't be literate at all
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July 19, 2016 on Pitchfork 2016 Was Our Great Antisocial Music Festival
Did anybody mention that this year's edition of the festival was one of the first times in the past few years that Pitchfork didn't sell out all three days? I noticed that Union Park was significantly empty by the time FKA and OPN played on Sunday...same goes for Beach House and Shamir on Friday. I guess this may be a much-needed side effect from the oversaturation of music festivals in Chicago over the summer. Other festivals in Chicago seem to draw much younger crowds than Pichfork does now (looking at you, Lollapalooza and Spring Awakening), which, in turn, seems keeps a lot of the stupidity away. However, even though this year's crowd felt significantly older and more mature than patrons of other Chicago music festivals, the acts geared toward younger audiences seemed to cater to larger walks of life. I had no idea what the crowd for Carly Rae Jepsen would look like, but it ended drawing the most diverse and fun crowd of the weekend. past years of the festival featured tons of main stage acts (mostly rap) that'd be a huge draw for younger crowds. I'll take that over a crowd-surfing trash can any day of the week.
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July 19, 2016 on Pitchfork 2016 Was Our Great Antisocial Music Festival
They played together on a Zach Hill solo LP called Astrological Straits. I'm not exactly sure how many tracks Claypool played on, but I am certain that he's featured on the self-titled cut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3noqxi9Xsuw
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May 31, 2016 on Death Grips – “More Than The Fairy” (Feat. Les Claypool)
Kurt and Courtney isn't a bad movie, but it's ethically terrible for sure. Same goes for the writer going out of their way to call the movie bad. There's no reason to cheekily call something bad when all it does is dissuade readers from checking out Broomfield's other work. Ultimately, calling something "bad" for no rhetorical reason pushes readers away from learning why it's somewhat important that Nick Broomfield, a longtime British documentarian, has chosen to make yet another documentary about American pop culture phenomena. Considering that Broomfield's documentaries quite often deal with America's obsession for blood-and-guts stories like that of Biggie and Tupac, the aforementioned defacto King and Queen of Grunge, and the seemingly countless number of cryptic serial killers that exist, it would probably be more sensible to give a little bit of context about his prior works in another paragraph, and why, in turn, it's really unsurprising that he's making a documentary about Whitney Houston's troubled life, rather than regurgitating a press release. Don't be lazy.
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March 8, 2016 on Kurt And Courtney Director Prepping Whitney Houston Biopic
I voted "Trap Queen" because of how many people it would come across to as SOTS — even though it's a pretty amazing song. Would agree with y'all on this though.
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August 6, 2015 on Vote For The Song Of The Summer 2015
With a Little Help from my Friends
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February 21, 2014 on Win The Beatles The U.S. Albums Box Set
Most definitely Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts club band.
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November 19, 2012 on Win A Remastered Beatles Vinyl Box Set
Looks like someone just landed himself atop the Westboro "people we must protest" list.
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July 5, 2012 on Frank Ocean Comes Out
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