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"Dance" video is too generous. With the exception of her spellbinding intro, which I generally like, most of the "dancing" happening here is reminiscent of undergrads dancing in their PJs in front of an iPhone. A sort of misguided attempt at being sexy and laughing at it. That doesn't make for stellar entertainment for the rest of us, unfortunately. For those of us who generally like Grimes, there is an allure to her pastiche. Admittedly. It's both in good and bad taste, obvious yet clever, satisfying regardless. The problem I have with this video is that it's not clever--or at least not as clever as her music. It completely falls flat for me and detracts from her talent (the song! a great song). This video is like an Urban Outfitters catalogue turned into a giant, animated GIF. Maybe I want to believe that Grimes isn't that dumb...?
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August 27, 2012 on Grimes – “Genesis” Video
Totally predictable locations... Griffith Park? Really? A boring street in LA? Dancing in the back of a limo? WTF? How about the SUV? No one thought about what kind of car they should be driving? They just rented... whatever? An Escalade? Great art direction, bravo. How about the bionic woman? NOT ATTRACTIVE! Not Lady Gaga or cholo or Jamaican/Brazilian/Diplo-cool. NOT a good dancer. Just straight up bad. This clunky beast competes with Grimes the whole time without being, say, an alter-ego or sidekick or something. She’s just there, forcing us to look at her trot, bend over in the surf and lick a lollypop. Ewe. And then hey, why not throw in some Ryan McGinley sparkler / Levi's Go Forth action for good measure! LAME. PS I fucking love Grimes; just loathe this video.
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August 23, 2012 on Grimes – “Genesis” Video