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Tori's daughter is gorgeous for her age and also seems to have a voice that might even top her mother's (literally and figuratively). This seems like the polar opposite of Madonna hiding her daughter from the limelight and, seemingly, trying to compete with her (dating boys her age, etc.).
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August 3, 2014 on Tori Amos – “Promise” (Feat. Her Daughter, Natashya) Video
Boring. She and Kelly Osborne. Spoiled rich girls are rarely interesting.
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April 28, 2014 on Lily Allen Can’t Catch A Break
I hope this post has raised your Internet ratings Stereogum, as you make a career of raising up and bring down Lana Del Rey. Lame, illogical review. I've heard the album and it's hands-and-above the majority of what you normally review.
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January 29, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Lana Del Rey Born To Die