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i've gotta say that i really believe FIGURE 8 is elliot at his absolute best and although i really do love his soft acoustic albums i think it is his magnum opus in the fullest sense. lyrics like ' i don't feel afraid to die ' or ' all i want now is happiness for you and me ' show a once tormented soul beyond the point of no return and reflecting on the whole plane of human existence through his long deserved nirvana. awful as it his that he had to go away, releasing that album right before the end sort of makes it all okay. its the pre humous complete moment of clarity that most writers never see and it makes me so happy that elliot got there in the end. i think this list should have four or five figure 8 songs at least. it is one of the few albums i can truly call PERFECT !
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August 21, 2012 on The 10 Best Elliott Smith Songs