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That Surachai is exactly the sound I've been craving to find. So many good choices this month... Ruin Lust, Bone Sickness and Fell Voices also stick out... but Surachai gets the win. And to think I passed on/forgot about their previous release, To No Avail.
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May 3, 2013 on The Black Market: The Month In Metal – April 2013
That APL/OLQ split is what got me hooked as well. Had that on repeat for days. Of all the CSR and Rhinocervs tapes that passed my way, this particular split stood out from the lot.
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April 9, 2013 on Band To Watch: A Pregnant Light
Nice selection for the month. I recently just crossed paths with cassette releases by Monarque, A Pregnant Light and Witch In Her Tomb... all stellar. REALLY into APL though. The Altar of Plagues track (and video) are also great. Always excited for their music. And the Windhand/Cough split is sure to kill, got that one coming in the mail.
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March 28, 2013 on The Black Market: The Month In Metal – March 2013
Thanks for a couple years of good reads here at Stereogum. Probably (definitely) the only reason I directed myself here. Thanks for ending it all with a band you helped me get interested in, and quickly became one of my fav's of the past couple years. I will bounce back to Pitchfork to get your take on what's awesome, 'cause I seem to have pretty blind faith in what you offer up.
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July 29, 2011 on Under The Influence: Krallice Diotima
Are their faces seriously just going to be hanging in the tree like apples for the album cover? Weak.
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July 27, 2011 on Opeth – “The Devil’s Orchard” (Stereogum Premiere)
This is all really quite terrible. I did enjoy Owen Pallett's comments though. Too bad his song didn't materialize like he imagined. Every artist on here is devoid of the power to rock... something that Is This It continues to do long after its release.
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July 26, 2011 on Stereogum Presents… STROKED: A Tribute To Is This It
So they like music NOT of one variety. Yeah, great reason to pass. You should narrow your tastes down to one band specifically til the end of time. And you should mix that band's discography into a sort of smoothie so you won't have to enjoy such a complex breakfast.
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July 7, 2011 on Under The Influence: Deafheaven Roads To Judah
I like what he says here and I get it. I wish more artists sort of thought along his lines. That being said, can we drop it now? I really don't even care about what anyone thinks about this guy and I can't believe it's blown up like this. I like Liturgy for their music. If you don't, don't listen to it. The freedom of choice is pretty amazing. I don't like Finntroll and Blind Guardian. I don't listen to them. I don't whine about them. I don't carry on about how their hair is stupid and how can you sing about fantasy all the time and all that. I just don't give them my attention and they seem to be doing just fine. I recommend everyone who does not like Liturgy do the same. Not liking the man has nothing to do with the music he makes with his band. AND, there's no way he's making American Black Metal look bad 'cause if you don't listen to American Black Metal then chances are you don't even know what it is. There is no name to be tarnished. Trying telling your friends that Hunter Hunt-Hendrix from Liturgy is ruining American Black Metal. Their expression will be a giant question mark.
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June 20, 2011 on “Visions Of American Black Metal”: Liturgy’s Hunter Hunt-Hendrix Responds
The judgement passed on Liturgy due to the bands' personal image and comments, etc is hilarious. Their music stands on its own, and isn't that what matters most? If the music bends some rules and blurs some lines... good for it. If it works, it works, just let it be and enjoy. I'm enjoying.
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April 29, 2011 on Liturgy Aesthethica Premature Evaluation
The record is enjoyable in that, I'm cleaning the house, kind of way. I'm at work and not really paying attention kind of deal. It's just pretty and meandering melodies. When it's on, I like it. But I would never choose to put it on to enjoy it. I may buy the $12 LP. I do have to clean the house at least once a week or so.
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April 5, 2011 on The Trouble With The King Of Limbs
Indie is nothing. It's the name given to all things mundane and useless. To have indie cred is to be as useless as possible... not at all like actual credibility.
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April 3, 2011 on Take The Indie Cred Test
The background vocals fuck it all up. Way to fuck it all up.
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March 24, 2011 on John Legend – “Rolling In The Deep” (Adele Cover)
That Grayceon is killer, but this is even better. This is currently one of the best heavy records of the year. It's only competition so far is anything that has recently come out from Profound Lore or perhaps the latest Trap Them... but then it's in a whole other league.
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March 21, 2011 on SubRosa – “Attack On Golden Mountain”
The album cover reminds me of Ministry and Godflesh. The vocals sound so Autopsy in the "Acts.." era. Totally digging it. Exactly what I'm into right now. Dark, dense and slow.
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March 12, 2011 on Batillus – “What Heart” (Stereogum Premiere)
Fuck yeah! That first song alone... man, that sounds like some sweet Kittens. Kittens if they were able to still be around and be really pissed off. So excited for this record. Too bad even as Canadians they can't seem to get their asses as far as the East Coast of Canada... lame.
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March 8, 2011 on Stream KEN mode Venerable (Stereogum Premiere)
The Marilyn Manson of hip-hop. They're on it right now, but it can't last. Enjoy 'em while they can still deliver... and it's just the beginning.
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February 17, 2011 on Odd Future’s Performance On Fallon Is A Thing You Absolutely Should Watch
Best song I've heard in a while. Those constantly rolling drums multiply the rock factor by, I dunno, let's say at least 20. This song = Rock X 20.
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October 13, 2010 on Wildildlife – “Give In To Live”
Ever heard of Atari Teenage Riot? I think MIA has. Lots of noise with words... it has its time and place. Just not right now for me. Performance was good though and anytime something like this gets prime time air, it's worth it... especially if it rubs people the wrong way. Needs to happen sometimes, y'know? And when Panda Bear releases his next release I think I would like to take a shit on it.
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July 18, 2010 on M.I.A. Does Letterman With “Born Free,” Martin Rev, Clones