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Festivals here in Europe are not usually run like this at all. Punters are free to go where they like and its first come first serve in terms of position in the crowd. The Black Sabbath show referred to in this post took place in London's Hyde Park and isn't really a festival at all. Its better described as a temporary venue that lasts a couple of months during summer. Yes each concert lasts a whole day but there is ONE stage with ONE headliner plus a couple of support acts. Due to hyde park being surrounded by wealthy London residents who are continually complaining about the noise of this thing only bands the likes of Black Sabbath, the Rolling Stones etc who have huge crowd draw and sky high ticket prices anyway ever get booked. These are stadium shows not festivals, they just don't have the stadium. Making as much money as quickly as possible and keeping the London residents, health and safety officials and the government happy under the guise of 'culture' is the aim of the game. I too share Beth's distain for the pricing schemes but to call it a festival would be entirely wrong
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August 26, 2014 on Savages’ Jehnny Beth Rails Against Rock Festivals’ Class System
so, if Roger Waters released a line of terrible headphones he would be number one?
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November 29, 2012 on The 25 Highest Paid Musicians Of 2012