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Bon Jovi was a great influence in the 80s, in the 90s and still today influence a lot of people in the world, is amazing how can you compare Bon Jovi with the Backstreet boys i think that´s completely ignorant and abusive (no offense intent here) The darkest album and one of the deepest of the Band is the album"These Days" which is a musical jewel and completely different from the work made in the 80s... one of the most evolved bands, one of the most mature and innovative bands in the world today is Bon Jovi. No one can say that loves rock and roll without consider that album and how it change a lot the environment when it comes out back in the 90s what about "Bounce" "Lost highway" "Crush" or the last one " The Circle" ? I think a band that goes around the world shaking the ground of many people still today, a band that has change the life of many around the globe, a band that did people that has died sing that makes me sing and that is making sing a lot of young people still today has to have respect from persons like you. As is obvious that Bon Jovi is not between your favorites as a Journalist, you should review professionally what the people, the real people thinks about the band, and why is so important today, even more than in the 80s. Sad for VH1 to have a so poor countdown... wow i really can´t believe Alicia Keys is in the count but Bon Jovi not!!! haha wow that´s Amazing! haha or Justin Timberlake? My Gosh! that is ridiculous ..... and the worst for me and for many people.. the WORST is to have Michael Jackson as the number 2 just besides the Beatles???? o My Gosh that is something really really crazy, and the main reason because i prefer now mtv or any other channel but VH1. Good luck with your taste and tumbs down for this count.. is the worst in the world believe me, it seems like a cheap magazime count... **I'm sorry for any language error i could make in this comment**
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November 14, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time