I really liked this album. I also thought Zan with that Lean pt. 2 was one of the best songs I have ever heard in my entire life. Some people just like this stuff you guys.
I would agree, A$AP is mostly style without much substance. The style is so good though. This album has a few great tracks and the production is rock solid throughout but outside of a few key moments, Rocky doesn't open up much and it hurts him in the long run. 1 Train though, that song is close to classic. It really perfectly captures an interesting moment in hip-hop and should go down as one of the most memorable posse cuts of this generation of hip-hop.
This is a definitive song for the last 2 years or so of hip-hop. This will be remembered. It helps that the actual verses are great too.
Might be true but Younger Us came out in 2011 as a single.
Wasted Days made it! Yes!
Yes I'm sure they put Taylor Swift at #19 on this list (perhaps the most important spot on any year end list) and then cackled with laughter as they imagined the page views coming in by the hundreds of thousands.
Great video. Perfectly captures the melancholy of the song.
Oh god I miss Corban already.
Great list you guys, congratulations.
I hope this doesn't mean less Drake coverage :(
Jamie Foxx produced this? Who knew he had this in him?
Polls close before Big Boi's album is even released :(
Doesn't get much harder than this.
You might not yet know it but you seem self-important.
This and the Pitchfork review state that Kendrick is "saved" by his parents calling him on Sherane. I realize the story is out of order and a little hard to follow but to me it is pretty clear Kendrick gets jumped by those guys and later while executing revenge with his friends, ends up causing the death of one of his friends. Also not sure what makes you think that is Kendrick's dad on Backseat Freestyle but someone already covered that. Anyway, easily the best rap album of the year, I don't know what could beat it.
Goes stupid hard but who wasn't expecting that?
In the article about it they seemed to criticize it for using "blackface" (it wasn't really blackface at all but whatever) and trying to shock people. The ironic thing is that it reminded me very much of old Busta Rhymes videos like the ones they claim that Nicki Minaj video is similar to. I personally don't see it but whatever.
To call this blackface just makes you seem misinformed about what blackface actually is.
Agree with this and I wasn't even as big a fan of The Monitor as most people. To see some of the reactions around the internet calling this terrible or disappointing seems kind of crazy to me. It's one of the best rock records of the year.
Hey Donny just letting you know that someone read this comment. See ya later.
Oh god I have been loving this. Such a great year for R&B.
So are we officially in the "Post-Pluto" era of rap?
Not to mention the exclusion of key members along with the inclusion of a lot of random people adds further confusion to who is actually on G.O.O.D. Music, it's a hindrance to the name if we don't even know who is officially a part of the family.
I do agree that it falls off on the latter half but I wouldn't say it is as bad as you claim. Fortunately for people like CyHi, a little bit of Kanye goes along way and his hands being on this record give even some of the worst lines ("she ride a broom on the beach, that's a sandwich") an increased sense of importance/value in the grand scheme of things. I think Kanye brings the absolute best out of people, which is why it is disappointing to see the strange exclusion of some of the more exciting rumored features as well as actual G.O.O.D. members like Mos-Def and Q-Tip. Still, the point is that Kanye has the power to make people like 2 Chainz and Big Sean seem charming, entertaining and cool, something they have trouble accomplishing on their solo projects (though Big Sean is a sweetheart IMO). It's fascinating to watch but this project definitely could have used a few more months in the incubator and a better tracklist.
This is everything I could have ever wished for from 2 Chainz.
A$AP Ant is easily the most memorable part of this mixtape, primarily because all of his lines are epically cringe worthy.
Damn people are hating on this pretty heavy here. I thought it was pretty good. It bangs.
Looks like somebody's all grown up!
He's likely to win, wouldn't be surprised if he dropped out of his performance.
Ouch! Great song but so loud! Now my ear Hz.
Teflon Don was a lean and focused hit that never had time to disappoint whenever it faltered. This is longer, more bloated and naturally more flawed because of it but it is still a heavy hitter for sure. It's a rap blockbuster that overcomes its low points (primarily all of the aforementioned dud singles) by aiming as high as it can.
Wow A$AP Ant completely sucks on this. Great song otherwise.
Fittingly, this song is kind of wack but I still like it for some reason. The saga of Dos Cadenas continues.
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