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Let's just put it this way: I use people's opinions of The Photo Album to determine how I feel having about them in my life.
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December 3, 2012 on Win A Limited Edition Death Cab For Cutie Vinyl Box Set
Really interesting piece, except I would've loved to have seen Deathcab's EPs mentioned (specifically, The Open Door EP, which came right on the tails of Narrow Stairs, and did a considerable amount of angsting for it's brevity and near catchiness) as well as the pre-Codes collab Gibbard did with Jay Farrar for a film abut jack Kerouac's Big Sur, which was just a blissful bummer and was a very solid listen-all-the-way-through. But that's just me being a total geek about it though.
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October 15, 2012 on Deconstructing: Ben Gibbard And Why We Want Him To Be Miserable
catch and release- silversun pickups... or we laugh at danger and break all the rules -against me!
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March 21, 2012 on Win SOL Republic HD Headphones And Earphones
i thought it was cute/catchy/all around matt&kim fare... not like fantastic but definitely passable by my standards. i just think it's funny that this guy is bagging on a song he claims he didn't listen to yet also thinks is awesome. and i'd much rather be exposed to more stuff whether it be in tune (pun intended) with my taste or not, because while you might not find the next new best band ever in he history of the earth, you might find something you like, which is more than can be said than if stereogum just focused on things everyone already knew and liked. the point of music is to experience, discover and learn from it, and be able to take away a greater sense of meaning from the experience of other people's auditory art. there's no such thing as shitty music, just music you dislike and therefore feel entitled to call shitty. it's art, it's subjective...we can't canonize it or strip it of all value. we just exist with it. that's all.
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November 3, 2010 on Matt & Kim – “Wires” (Stereogum Premiere)