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Let's try this again... These are new bands I like, I don't know them personally. And I won't put links to their pages, just names. Hopefully my comment won't get deleted. Me You Us Them - Put out "Post-data" the best album of year, hands down, in my opinion. It's a shame these dudes aren't getting recognition, the record is a masterpiece and they're a badass live three piece. And they're from Brooklyn! Dead Twins - Anybody complaining that there aren't real bands with balls anymore, this is your jam. Think Dinosaur Jr., Soundgarden. Big azz everything: riffs, drums, singing. From Dallas, TX. Jamaica - Surprised this wasn't on the list. A rock band produced by the one of the dudes from Justice. "Short and Entertaining" is my favorite song of the year. From France. Shigeto - The best electronic stuff I've heard this year. Can't describe, just check out the monster jam, "Grandma's Words/Rise Out of The Stone". From Ann Arbor, MI, now residing in Brooklyn. I'm not trying to discredit this list. There's some good stuff here. I just want to share some more great new stuff that isn't here. Hope that's okay...
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September 2, 2010 on Stereogum’s 40 Best New Bands Of 2010
Yes! Pop is a highly underrated album in my opinion. "Mofo", "Gone" and "Please" have some of Bono's best lyrics (Remember when Bono was considered a decent lyricist?!?) and U2 hasn't really been that experimental since. And though it wasn't on Pop, "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me" was written around the same time, and to this day, I still think it's the best song every written about rock stardom. "They want you to play Jesus, To go down on one knee, But they'll their money back, If you're alive at 33..." Glad they put that back in the 360 set, but sad that no one takes it seriously because it was on the Batman Forever soundtrack.
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August 25, 2010 on U2 – “Every Breaking Wave” Live