I’ll see this and raise you
Biden is one of the biggest pawns in recent history, as far as presidents are concerned. What’s the over/under on how long he lasts before he steps down and Harris, who has been the real candidate all along, is named President?
He looks like a young, hungry and confused Ice Cube in that photo.
For some reason I read 'Dan Fogelberg' at first, and I was truly involved in that idea.
So many good songs from these guys. Your Love is a stone-cold classic. RIP
Well, looks like I'm going to change my plans this weekend and buy that bottle of whiskey anyway.
All hail our half-coherent Dark Lord!
🎵 I shot the dog 🎵 (Love AC/DC and this is as good as can be expected in 2020, but all I hear is that sentence.)
People need to relax if this kind of thing sets them off this much.
Just threw some 18s in the back of my dropped Nissan Hardbody. This shit is bumpin. Any ladeez up in here?
Hey; the 5G tracking virus is getting injected into us when we get the Covid vaccine. Haven’t you heard?
Anybody who blindly believes exactly the opposite of this guy also runs the risk of looking a little bit foolish. The real truth always lies somewhere in the middle.
Go away, moaning toilet of pop.
Donal Trump’s middle name is Dartsucker.
Jfc 45 minutes after I wrote this I learned a good friend died suddenly last night. Don’t take anything in this world for granted. Be nice to everyone and tell friends you love them. Fucking hell.
People need to stop, like, dyin’ and shit.
Is this related to “crabcore”? I’m old and don’t know these things.
should’ve said ‘boss record producer’ in there somewhere but y’all get it.
Definitely have a soft spot for this one, as it came out right after I started working at my first recording studio down in Los Angeles. My big time, down on his luck, blew all his 80s royalties on way too much coke, used to debate with me how terrible he thought this album sounded. I always secretly thought I had better ears than him because I loved it.
I didn’t understand any part of that headline.
Unless I missed it, it’s weird that you guys didn’t report on Cornell’s statue getting vandalized in Seattle. Pretty shitty thing to do (the vandals, not your lack of reporting).
Not only were my opinions shitty, but people hated them!
Though I wasn’t straight up trolling, I think we can all agree that there is probably someone out there that would accuse me of such should I listen to it.
As a white male in 2020, am I allowed to like this song? Or is it considered “cultural appropriation” ?
Just stay home and count your money, Madge.
White woman Oh Karen, how I love you, flowers in the sand, in the sand, in the sand And when we walked, we walked oh, how we walked Why are you here, universe? Why are you here? Universe. Why are you here. And as Karen we walk in parking lots, flying the flags, When we walk, we talk, we hold our hands Down to the sun, down to the moon, I love you, Peter.
Not nearly as many people as were projected to get it are going to get it, but a lot of people are still going to get it. If I may enjoy a bit of schadenfreude - and I will - it’s fun when idiots like this get it. Hopefully she’ll be ok.
It’s cool to hate Christianity and Catholicism, didn’t you get the memo?
What do you deal with on a daily basis that is ‘flawed and fucked up’? I’m honestly curious.
If it’s so ‘flawed and fucked up’ then why do people around the world still escape their countries to come here? Why did Ilhan Omar come here? Your response isn’t an answer to my question, it’s just hyperbole.
You say you don’t watch CNN.but you sure talk like one of their anchors. Check out Yuri Besmenov on YouTube. Americans have been indoctrinated to hate their own country. Your comments are proof. Where specifically did you learn or see that we are ‘fundamentally racist’?
Fair enough, though CNN is the channel I see throwing around the ‘race war/white supremacy’ angle the most. All news outlets want to divide and conquer at heart. If they have hearts...