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In a completely unrelated comment, I love that you have an Angus picture there. Greatest movie ever. Oh and Tucker Max is a douche.
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August 9, 2009 on Someone Has Clearly Fast-Tracked Tucker Max’s I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell For The Worst Movie Of All Time
This is totally absurd. How can you have a meltdown on stage like that? You're being paid to tour Europe and play music. Nowhere in there is there a mention of work. I guess those guys can't wait to get back to flipping burgers and barely being able to make ends meet like many people out there. Some people really need to get some fucking perspective and stop being immature unappreciative douche bags.
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May 31, 2009 on Wavves’ Meltdown In Spain (And Apology)
I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, and it seems like I will thoroughly enjoy this one.
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May 2, 2009 on Everything That Is Going To Be Wrong With Transformers 2 In One Moment
These guys have obviously succeeded in their goal: to get their name out there. I never heard of them, and I'm willing to bet that many people never heard of them, until they made these comments. Considering how popular it has been recently for an artist to make disparaging remarks about other artists (see: Miley Cyrus v. Radiohead, Flaming Lips v. Arcade Fire), I'm not surprised that Psychedelic Horseshit would use this strategy. Just look at their name: they're screaming for attention. Now people are going to get curious and check them out on Youtube and other outlets, giving them the attention they want.
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April 27, 2009 on Psychedelic Horseshit Hates On Wavves, No Age, TVOTR
Wow, I'm impressed. It's nice to actually see someone being genuinely complimented for their talent on teh interwebs without any useless snarky or sarcastic commentary.
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April 13, 2009 on That’s Not Your Girlfriend: Susan Boyle
I have a bad feeling that I'm going to be repeating "Not today motherfuckaaaaaa" ad nauseum to people who have no idea what I'm talking about.
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April 11, 2009 on Yes Today, Motherfucker
Classic. I especially like the cougar roar at 1:40 added for dramatic effect.
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April 10, 2009 on Someone Had Fun With This Gruesome Safety Training Video
The Billy Corgan Manifesto > The Communist Manifesto
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April 10, 2009 on Billy Corgan Posts Manifesto On Pumpkins Future
That orange cat talks a lot of smack but doesn't back it up. He's such a little pussy. That black one is about to own him.
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April 9, 2009 on Viral Video Rorschach Test: Cat Yells At Other Cat
He got fleeced. I sold my Bavarian chateau for $4.5 million. I guess real estate is still losing value. Damn economy.
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April 8, 2009 on The Economic Crisis Forces Nicolas Cage To Act Like An Asshole
Review Ghosts of Mars! Me and two friends saw it in 12th grade. We were the only people in the theater (this is about a week after its release). It sucked hard. We promptly snuck into the next theater and saw Unfaithful because Diane Lane got naked in it.
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April 6, 2009 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Dreamcatcher