get over yourself, just because someone is trans doesn't make them immune from fair criticism.
She does not get a pass nor does she have license to be a fucking asshole because she's transitioning. She received a ton of support professionally from this website and personally from its' readers when she ended her band and went on her own, and her comments in that other thread were utterly despicable. I don't care who you are or how marginalized your community is; when you wish death on other people over something as trivial as music you have no sympathy or respect from me.
well, that was quite an adventure. I didn't bother reading those comments the other day when that was posted. It's pretty rich that this person, who broke up their band because of harassment and received support on these very same boards, would turn around and behave that way.
k I'm out of the loop on the drama if this is real, what you mean?
I’m just tired of the Taylor sucks narrative, it’s tired, and I’m not even a fan. She’s a saint as far as I’m concerned.
re: the In Living Color video. Complete insanity that anyone would have considered Paula overweight, and it's awful. It reminds me of an old vintage freak show poster I once saw online with "the World's Fattest Man" from the early 20th Century; homie looked like a normal guy with a little belly by today's standards.
I'm going to be honest, and I hope I don't offend so please read my full comment: every time there's this kind of accusation I want to be measured and give all parties involved the benefit of the doubt; after all, people haven't suddenly developed the ability to lie. And almost every single time the accused will release some vague statement and play the "legal options" card, in what my first instinct tells me is an attempt at a defense of one's credibility and reputation. And yet almost every single fucking time the legal options bullshit goes nowhere because close to 100% of the time THE WOMAN IS TELLING THE TRUTH. Fuck this dude and fuck his fucking band; I hope charges are pressed and his bitch ass rots in a cell. I'm sick after reading Kristin's statement, it's horrifying.
Am I the only one here bummed out to see no love for King Woman on any lists?
Man I just don't get why they haven't released "Jimmy and the Photocall". Still pumped for this album though even though I have most of them already.
I've been triple vaxxed for some time now, and am about as staunch an advocate for the jab as can be. But this schadenfreude and relishing in peoples' deaths needs to stop, especially when there's no indication COVID was responsible.
Satan hasn't won until you're stranded on a snowy mountaintop while a Radiohead cover band serenades you.
one day everything you think is hip won't be anymore, and you'll be nothing more than a broken down version of your past glorious self. Also Tom this song most certainly didn't come out in 98.
this all is such a bummer, and I don't like when bands air dirty laundry publicly. But still, I just don't think Kevin can be blamed for being upset here; it's almost as if Charles was holding songs that aren't his hostage. And to have the rest of the group go along with the release kind of tells me all I need to know.
I feel the same dude, it's haunted me. I still can't listen to Purple Mountains, as much as I loved it on release; the whole thing sounds like a goodbye.
if most of the people here suck then why are you here with douchebag Dan? How about you just leave?
you're going to log on, talk shit about the article, and pretend you listened to a not yet released song just to be an asshole to James and excited readers? Fuck outta here.
very thoughtful piece, good stuff Tom
absolutely tragic, I can't even imagine how terrifying this must have been. I'm going to wait until more information comes out, but if this is another instance of this dude triggering a crowd he needs to face stiff consequences.
Now Tom, I know you could just call me a bitch and tell me to write it myself, but smh for not including Borat (great write up today, btw)
whenever, wherever, wild boars attempt to steal Shakira's purse again, if I'm in the vicinity I'll be sure to give chase on her behalf.
they live like 25 minutes from my folks how did I not know that? Oh right, because I don't care. Fuck this guy.
I just bought a new car and I'm going to blast "Born to Roll" on my way into work
It was gross and I told my mom to not let it happen again
our long national nightmare is over
During the first two years or so of the Trump presidency I had myself convinced Fugazi were coming back; I told anyone that would listen I could feel it in my bones, now was the time, an epic fuck you statement to anyone that supported the bullshit. And then, like a ton of bricks, it hit me. It wasn't going to happen. The Argument had everything they wanted to say, and the timing now was TOO perfect and obvious for them to reemerge. I'm at peace with it; their catalog and moral ethics are beyond compare or reproach so ending with this record just cements the legend. And Tom, your last couple paragraphs here are really touching. I really enjoyed this piece even more hearing that Ian impacted you so directly. Good stuff, buddy.
so sick of people like you; just because someone comments or jabs a person doesn't automatically make them an "ist". If you took a moment and read Tom's work around here you'd understand that.
I'm not the biggest Big Thief fan, I like them ok enough and have mad respect for them, but after seeing them live a few times and as recently as last week I can say for certain that they are one of the tightest live bands out there. Just amazing.
you know, normally I'd breeze right by this post with a big "meh", but good god almighty his "Nothing Else Matters" cover from that Metallica tribute is such a stunner I'm totally jazzed for this.
oh man that's pretty neat, interesting backstory and the song sounds great!
yes I love to virtue signal with my anonymity where literally zero people here know me
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