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Paul Kelly is under-appreciated these days, the finest singer-songwriting human from Australia (Nick Cave has ascended beyond flesh and bone)
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August 10, 2017 on Album Of The Week: Downtown Boys Cost Of Living
Eiffel 65 would like a word
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July 13, 2017 on Arcade Fire – “Electric Blue” Video
I like this, like a sunnier American Football
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July 10, 2017 on People Like You – “Thumbnail”
You had me at 'sleazy and self-assured synth-rocker' and you double had me at Angel Olsen
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June 30, 2017 on Alex Cameron – “Candy May” Video
Im hanging for that new Courtney / Kurt Vile record
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June 22, 2017 on Jen Cloher – “Forgot Myself” Video (Feat. Courtney Barnett)
Radiohead throw away better songs than tonnes of bands ever record
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June 22, 2017 on Radiohead – “Man Of War” Video
He just needs a young Mark Knopfler headband
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June 19, 2017 on Watch Franz Ferdinand Play New Song “Huck & Jim” In Charlotte
Both drumming at once, face-to-face King Gizzard style
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June 8, 2017 on Kurt Vile & Courtney Barnett Announce Collaborative Album, Tour
Remember when [insert any band that got popular] were good?
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June 5, 2017 on Remember When Arcade Fire Were Good?
Road to Rouen era Supergrass
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January 12, 2017 on Communions – “It’s Like Air”
Nutshell is my favourite
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October 6, 2016 on The 10 Best Alice In Chains Songs
Did i mentioned I'm the baby on Nevermind?.....send those nudes.
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September 25, 2016 on “Nirvana Baby” Really Wants To Show You His Penis
I was kind of hoping Bob Boilen was going to interview him
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September 16, 2016 on Danny Brown – “Rolling Stone” (Feat. Petite Noir)
Pull yourself together, Mike.
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September 15, 2016 on Communions – “Eternity”
Even before Mick and Keith
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September 15, 2016 on Kanye, Drake Respond To Kid Cudi Diss
1. Henry Lee 2. Stagger Lee 3. Into My Arms 4. Papa Won't Leave You, Henry 5. Jubilee Street
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September 13, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree
(no particular order) Henry Lee Stagger Lee Into My Arms Papa Won't Leave You, Henry Jubilee Street
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September 12, 2016 on Premature Evaluation: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree
I mean the early 2000's NYC scene was influential, but its nothing compared to the stone age when modern humans started using stone to fashion knives and spears out of stone
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September 5, 2016 on Yellow House Turns 10
Diplo is the Carlos Santana of dance music
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July 18, 2016 on Major Lazer – “Cold Water” (Feat. Justin Bieber & MØ)
He'd rather be working at the docks than singing at this wedding
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July 8, 2016 on Watch Poor Jon Bon Jovi Get Pressured To Sing “Livin’ On A Prayer” With Wedding Band
"Can somebody sue me already" is the equivalent to sending your own photos to the papparazzi
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June 25, 2016 on Kanye West Explains His Shocking “Famous” Video: “Matthew Barney Is My Jesus”