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sorry.. i meant to say " in destitution..." moreover, i would like to point out that we have no idea how their royalty splits are divided up. we do not know their publishing and licensing fees. we have no idea if they are in debt to warp and how they split physical release revenue. we have no idea what kind of deals they have with management, publicity and booking. for all we know, they may be locked into some raw deals. who knows. i think its also fair to say that there are many strata of professional musicians. i would place grizzly bear in the lower-mid level of the spectrum. just because they are critical darlings and have a song on a vw commercial does not necessarily place them in a position to be generating large sums of income.
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October 3, 2012 on Debating The Grizzly Bear NY Mag Story And Making A Living Making Music
longtime reader, but never bothered to sign up for the comments section... until now. i find the basis for the argument (regarding grizzly bear's financial status) null and void until we actually know the average yearly income of the band members. there are so many variables that are at play, that i think it is an unfair assumption to state that the band is not (or cannot be) financial stable without actually STATING THEIR AVG YEARLY INCOME. obviously, off-years during the tail end of a touring cycle will be a lean year. new record cycles would theoretically account for the median; while full-blown touring years would attribute for the majority of their income. i believe some of the facts the ny mag stated can be skewed in favor of the reporter's argument because they are colored by the thesis of the article. for example, it states that ed droste lives in a 450sq ft apt. This implies that he is living in squalor or below middle class standards. However, it does not state HOW MUCH he pays for the apartment. He lives in NY. I don't know if it's the city or a borough, but if he is living on the upper east side or tribeca, then shit-ass small apartments can go for $2k a month easily. Even if he was paying much less than that, maybe he chose a small apartment BECAUSE HE IS GONE FOR MOST OF THE YEAR TOURING. it also stated chris bear or taylor did not have health insurance. this is quite ambiguous. generally speaking, for a man his age, without PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS, he can apply for the lowest tier personal health insurance for around $60 a month. who knows if he has a ridiculous medical history and they would only approve him for a ludicrous premium. moreover, the band should be able to have a joint health insurance by creating an llc, which would lower their premiums significantly. dan rossen stated that he wishes he would be able to support a wife and children but the income he receives does not lend well to that lifestyle. we do not know his current spending habits and we do not know what kind of debt he is in. he could, theoretically, be living paycheck to paycheck due to debt and/or frivolous spending.... which means he has saved nary a dime. i would like to state that this does not mean that i think musicians do not have it rough. i think it is a grueling profession that only a small, small few can live comfortably from. i just believe that it is unfair to assume that grizzly bear in particular are living in destitute without us seeing a balance sheet. ps. my apologies for misspellings or poor grammar... it is very late and i do not wish to proof read
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October 3, 2012 on Debating The Grizzly Bear NY Mag Story And Making A Living Making Music