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Yo, just want you all to know that IMPORT JR. has music reading SKILLZ TO NOT NEARLY AFFORD ANY BILLS AT ALL OBVIOUSLY but will be recording the entire LP. Our music has been praised by Thurston Moore and Max Tundra when we recorded under a different name. So haters please stick around because criticism and audience interaction is essential to, well, communicating, which includes making sure the "language of music" is being translated properly and isn't just like a mess or lazy or unengaging 'cause it's just pastiche with no consciousness of how language and music has evolved since whatever era they're pillorying. Also will announce IMPORT JR RECORDS release of L.O.C.S. MUSIC (Lowering Our Common Standards Music) first compilation LP, CAN YE featuring multiple contributors literally from several different countries. Google our shit as Goodbye The Band. We were featured on a classical music blog 'cause we really like melodies. Anyway ... DEFLATE HEAD. I'm really excited about this and will be trying hard to actually make good recordings out of these songs, if possible. Love, Can Ye Jest Import Jr. Industries a subsidy of Goodbye The Band Liquor
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August 10, 2012 on New Beck Album Song Reader Only Available As Sheet Music