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Do you actually think Oregon is in the midwest?
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April 5, 2013 on Watch Tyler, The Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, And Domo Genesis Play Letterman
Wasn't 50 shot nine times?
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February 8, 2013 on Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ Turns 10
Le Sapeurs aint South African, that's a factual error yo.
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October 7, 2012 on The 5 Best Videos Of The Week
I think characterizing Miguel's falsetto "unearthly" and "buttery" is a little offbase. It's a falsetto, but he sounds like he is reaching. Fun album though. Definitely good, probably not great.
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October 2, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Miguel Kaleidoscope Dream
Fantastic Mr. Fox used Helvetica. Just sayin
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November 30, 2010 on Vampire Weekend Soundtracks Hilfiger, Honda “Holiday” Ads