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Hey!! Is Celine Dion here???How about Sinatra???Anyway,Led Zeppelin is better than the Beatles,they were responsable for breaking their record set.I heard Robert Plant saying in a interview about how Elvis Presley wanted to meet the band that was selling tikets faster than him.The Beatles were NOT pioners,becose it was the same Rock and Roll of th 50's.They just made it better.Led Zeppelin changed the world with new Blues rock,Metal,Folk,Country and Mithycal Rock.There is no doubt,The Beatles were the most famus band ever,but Led Zeppelin was better in terms of music.The Beatles should be #3,Zeppelin #2 and Michael should be #1.''Bye the way'' where the hell is Ricky Martin,Menudo,Selena or Shakira,they should be in this list,they brought a new movement;''Latin Flavor'' How about Santana???Not even the Jackson 5 is in this list.But you wanna know why this list is so mest up?well the fact that a band called ''The Band''(#85) is in a better spot than Mariah Carey(#94).
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July 25, 2011 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time