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I agree, I'm surprised at the lack of Sufjan, but which one would it be? "That Was The Worst Christmas Ever" is pretty great, but would it make the Top 10? More surprised by the lack of MMJ. "Xmas Curtain?" Durrr.....
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December 21, 2012 on The 10 Best Indie Christmas Songs
Basically, it's like this: With Bill Berry = A perfect game. After Bill Berry = A perfect bore. Musta been the magical unibrow. And I will defend Shiny Happy People to my grave, on which day I will have it played at my wake. So there.
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July 20, 2012 on R.E.M. Albums From Worst To Best
>>>>What’s your favorite song from The Joshua Tree? One Tree Hill>Where The Streets Have No Name>Still Haven't Found>In God's Country>Running To Stand Still>everything else. One Tree Hill slays me, it's so amazing. When Bono launches into "And when it's raining", well, it all comes down. And Where The Streets Have No Name sounds like sunrise in heaven.
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March 9, 2012 on The Joshua Tree Turns 25