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is anyone surprised that this only got a 8.4 on pitchfork?!
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April 8, 2013 on The Knife Shaking The Habitual Comment Party
same with me...except halcyon digest. that record is great. but everything else by them i don't get. plus 'shields' by grizzly bear i really don't enjoy. what am i missing?
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April 8, 2013 on The National – “Demons”
can stereogum please stop doing contests through facebook??? i dont have one and never will. this and spotify are killing me!
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December 6, 2012 on Win A Limited Edition Death Cab For Cutie Vinyl Box Set
...and john talabot? such a jam
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December 6, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012
too much rap... can someone explain to me why rap is so popular in the indie scene? or at all?? also, sleigh bells is not top 50, and am i the only one who finds grimes obnoxious besides the first three songs of her album? and where is perfume genius....such a sold album.
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December 6, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 50 Albums Of 2012
not gonna lie. im not a big fan of M&S...they just kinda annoy me. but to be honest, i have thoroughly enjoyed the lumineers s/t. i think the whole things great and one of the best of the years... anyone agree??
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November 20, 2012 on Deconstructing: Phillip Phillips, The Lumineers, And The Mumford-ization Of Pop