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Most of the songs on TT sound so much better live. Platform blues and CofG are nasty live. I also love this version of the Hex, very sick I must say......
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June 10, 2019 on Terror Twilight Turns 20
Oh god cry me a river Jesus Christ you use the word “kudos” I hate that word and only people who are allergic to getting laid use that word. I’m sure your record collection is horrible as well. So pussyface what do I have wrong here? Islam is a big fucked up religion that kills gays and treats women like shit. Basically it sucks like all religions. So why are you trying to make this about race when we all know it’s about religion. Now go listen to your lame new vampire weekend record. People who say kudos make want to fucking puke
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May 14, 2019 on Morrissey Supports Right-Wing Extremist Group While Performing On The Tonight Show
How is being anti Muslim racist? Muslims aren’t a race it’s a religion. It’s perfectly fine to be anti Christian. The other thing is Arabs are caucasians they aren’t a separate race they are the same race as white people. FYI
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May 14, 2019 on Morrissey Supports Right-Wing Extremist Group While Performing On The Tonight Show
If you’re a mucisian never go full cowboy
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April 24, 2019 on Mac DeMarco Talks Mitski, #MeToo, & More In New Interview
Idles is what you would hear in one of those so called "safe places", on college campuses
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February 15, 2019 on Sleaford Mods Frontman Explains Why He Hates Idles
Fat White Family- "Touch the Leather" by far the most interesting song of 2014. your welcome
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June 16, 2014 on Let’s Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014
The bass player looks like mark ibold and the lead guitarist looks like a young spiral and there album covers are very pavementesque. how can cut your hair be your favorite pavement song???? i think u need to give watery domestic another listen.
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June 5, 2014 on Album Of The Week: Parquet Courts Sunbathing Animal
I wonder what Billy Childish has to say about all this Jack?
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May 31, 2014 on Jack White Calls Black Keys “Watered-Down” White Stripes, Later Apologizes
Sorry you think so- Do you mind explaining why it offends you?, just curios. Thanks
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March 31, 2014 on Black Lips’ Cole Alexander Clarifies Rapper Criticisms
I Think all u white knights need to shut the fuck up and stop whining like little bitches and take your little witch hunt somewhere that it actually applies
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March 26, 2014 on Black Lips’ Cole Alexander Clarifies Rapper Criticisms
Stella Blue Wharf Rat Terrapin Unbroken Chain Darkstar St Stephens Candyman
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January 21, 2014 on The 10 Best Grateful Dead Songs
Next up Kim Gordan
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November 30, 2013 on Pixies Axe Kim Shattuck
Everything that is cool about jack white is a complete rip off of billy childish. I thought everyone knew this?
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August 4, 2013 on Jack White Thinks Dan Auerbach Is Ripping Him Off And Won’t Let Their Kids Play Together
I think I should just mention there is a big difference between studio ween and live ween, also people should check out 3 of their live albums - live in Chicago , live at Stubbs, and live in Toronto . 10. I can't put my finger on it 9. Marble tulip 8. Don't Sweat it 7. Springtheme 6. Tender Situation 5. Polka Dot Tail 4. Mushroom Festival in Hell 3. The Argus 2. Awesome Sound 1. Laura
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April 12, 2013 on Ween Albums From Worst To Best