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And this is how Videogum and Stereogum will always be different. http://image.blingee.com/images15/content/output/000/000/000/413/243590359_567526.gif
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February 8, 2014 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
You said I was cute once when you saw Chicago meetup pictures!!! Now we will never meet!!! How cruel fate. (twitter: @myfakeironlung, just in case)
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February 7, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
Upvoting like every comment even though it just doesn't matter anymore. If that isn't emblematic of my time here, I don't know what is. I'll miss all you guys.
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February 7, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
Wow, Gabe finally fired Kelly. So cruel. Et tu?
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February 7, 2014 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Videogum
Be honest, you had to look up if That 70s Show is still in syndication. It is.... but at 7:00am on ABC Family. But hey, that counts!
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February 4, 2014 on Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?
Monsters always be there for Monsters, dear. http://www.mobfd.biz/images-in-the-comments-a-guide-for-videogum/
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February 3, 2014 on Hey Guys, We Have To Talk To You About Something
I probably won't ever get the chance to post this on this blog with any sort of germaneness, so with that said. RAY LEWIS GIFS. http://img.gawkerassets.com/img/18aoxx4o058b3gif/ku-xlarge.gif http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/lovebirds.gif http://coedbc.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/vhu9th.gif http://31.media.tumblr.com/360cc63188172425da3550fb59bae80f/tumblr_mg7wibPhd11qgek74o1_400.gif
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August 23, 2013 on Download Pharrell & Ray Lewis Natural Born Hitters Mixtape
I've never been that funny. Well, at least, I thought I was funny until I started commenting here. I am merely a Peter Dinklage to you Manute Bol's of comedy. But much like Peter, I've got a huge heart and, it has only grown in knowing all of you here. Gabe, you've been so accepting, more so then anyone need be, in the weird cast of characters here. I know, I've personally aired on the side of pestering to promote some meeting I was working on with Chris or why an image wasn't showing up, but you were patient and you understood how much this small site meant in the lives of us commenters. I'm proud to have met all of the truly wonderful people I have here. I'm proud to say I've been to a wedding of a person I met on this site and welcomed like family. We joke about moms and dads, but the camaraderie, the friendship, the love -- that's what a family is. Vin Diesel would be so proud of us. To sum up, I'm so genuinely thankful for what you've built here, I'm proud to stick around here with all the wonderful people I've met and read, and my life has changed forever in the positive having known your work. Thanks, JD, aka myfakeironlung, aka too many nicknames which aren't my real name.
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August 2, 2013 on This Is Just A Goodbye Post
Between this and LEP Bogus Boys "Commas," it's a big week for rap game punctuation.
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May 22, 2013 on The Lonely Island – “SEMICOLON” (Feat. Solange) Lyric Video
Also, people are still commenting on theGarden State WMOAT , which is so great. A gem that series was. Whatever happened to it?
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April 24, 2013 on And Now Zach Braff With The Kickstarter
So, essentially... this. http://cdn.videogum.com/files/2011/03/garden_state.jpg
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April 24, 2013 on And Now Zach Braff With The Kickstarter
You guys, I think we found Kelly's Editor's Choice.
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April 22, 2013 on The 2013 Unofficial Videogum Monster Meet Up In Chicago
This was very much the best time I've had in such a long time. Non-stop fun with Monster friends all weekend. I seriously had so many Topher Graces it was a problem, I had 3 more than they charged me for. YES this was a real drink only for the meetup. http://i35.tinypic.com/2u53wb5.jpg
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April 22, 2013 on The 2013 Unofficial Videogum Monster Meet Up In Chicago
Can't wait to see all you LOSERS next week at the Unofficial* 5th Anniversary Meetup in Chicago!!! *It's only unofficial because Kate can't come.
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April 12, 2013 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
This isn't a statement towards the size of Christina Hendricks chest, is it?
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March 20, 2013 on Joan Holloway Was In An Everclear Video!
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March 5, 2013 on Oh Shut Up, Taylor Swift
I figured you were helping Seth MacFarlane write his material. I felt no Hugh Jackman pee jokes was a rare miss for you. Les Piz. It's right there in front of you.
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February 25, 2013 on Dear Comedy, Just So You Know, You Are Allowed To Apologize
I mean, I agree you have. The benefit of the doubt is certainly with you here. That's very true. But even as someone who's admitted, as you have, qualifying your statements coming from "a white, middle class man" who is aware of the privilege that you have, it's still worth mentioning that along with that privilege there's an unknowable pain and burden that others must carry. I believe in your heart of hearts that you know this to be true, and I don't think I'm telling you anything that you don't know, nor am I suggesting you walk on eggshells. Just as someone who doesn't hold this privilege, when others' plights, are even slightly made to seem lesser than, it cuts a bit. Look, you're a smart man who has been very kind, to me personally even, who obviously crafted this with great passion and the right message, and ultimately what I object to was a footnote, but it just seems counter to what you're trying to say. I'm just speaking to where I'm coming from.
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February 25, 2013 on Dear Comedy, Just So You Know, You Are Allowed To Apologize
Pardon if I seem over-reacty, but I can't help but have a problem with the diminishing of "Cunt" vs. other epithets. It sort of lessens the exact struggles of the women who are being called this word. I'm not suggesting that Gabe feels that women's epithets are causes are not as dire, hateful, or important than other disenfranchised groups, but that strikes a tone in me that did not sit right. I felt it was worth saying.
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February 25, 2013 on Dear Comedy, Just So You Know, You Are Allowed To Apologize
Alex is gonna SORELY regret fucking with Hollywood Courts.
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January 31, 2013 on The 10 Best OutKast Songs
Frankly, I'm much more looking forward to Chris Brown's pending endorsement deal with Dr. Pepper 10.
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January 28, 2013 on Some Extraordinary News
Here are ALL your Grammys for that.
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January 28, 2013 on Some Extraordinary News
Gabe just never got over Taylor writing "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" about him. Sometimes you've got to just look forward to hopefully greener pastures, man.
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January 28, 2013 on Some Extraordinary News
I met Chris Gethard at Mr. Coconuts post-callout and he was too CHICKEN to take me on. Or maybe I was just a normal person and thanked him kindly for the book. TOTAL PUSSY, BETA AF, 0/10.
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December 31, 2012 on Best People Of 2012
I love you so much 2012, you're my baby girl. I'll never leave you. Stay sweet.
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December 19, 2012 on The Best Viral Videos Of 2012: A Retrospective
There's another video that's worth mentioning that came from The Chronic, and probably a Top 3 song for me off the album for "Lil Ghetto Boy". It wasn't on MTV or BET, I feel like I remembered seeing it on The Box back in the day at my cousins house in New Orleans. Anyway, Ego Trip did a great write up on it and it kind of flooded back to me. Also, it really captures the urgency, importance, and danger of the time with the clips from a documentary on the riots (the clips are also used on "The Day The Niggaz Took Over" the name of the doc escapes me, but I know it's online, I watched it earlier this year with the 20th anniversary of the riots in April). It is a forgotten gem among what people most remember the thumping, knocking G-Funk and unfortunate misogyny. I mean, the album is classic, I fuck with it still, though I think Doggystyle is better, but it's still sucks that vid and song got buried when it's so good.
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December 17, 2012 on The Chronic Turns 20
Clearly, Mary's mother needs to get an account stat, so we can undermine Mary and look at embarrassing kid photos.
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November 26, 2012 on Please Help Us Welcome Mary Miller To The Videogum Family
#OForOxford... oh who the hell I am kidding, no one from those days is around here anymore. We should make a GIF in their memory. They'd want it that way. They were pro-GIFs right? That's how I remember it!
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November 13, 2012 on The Word Of The Year Is “GIF”
Whoa whoa, he's terrible and gets butt pics? Don't reward him LBT.
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October 24, 2012 on Donald Trump’s October Surprise Is Here