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I remember being lured in by this John Lennon tribute: I needed to hear the Mad Season and RHCP, and the price paid was owning "Imagine" as done by Blues Traveler, among other horrors. 20 years later, I still question my purchase. Damn you, Candlebox.
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May 17, 2016 on Various Artists: A Tribute To ’90s Tribute Albums
I wonder if Sony will buy out Kesha from Luke/Kemosabe, or if that will even be an option? Maybe he just holds her contractually hostage.
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March 9, 2016 on Sony To Reportedly Cut Ties With Dr. Luke
Lauryn's verse on "The Mask" is one of my all-time favorites of hers. Might be my favorite song on the album, come to think of it. Wyclef and Pras don't sound excessively corny there.
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February 12, 2016 on The Score Turns 20
What a great article. Pac's verse on "California Love" still gives me the chills, no matter how many hundreds of times I've heard it. He just explodes into the song in the coolest way possible. I wish he were still around. I wonder what his next album would've sounded like, had he not made the deal with Suge?
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February 12, 2016 on All Eyez On Me Turns 20
Either you caught them on an off night, or I caught them on a good one. I saw them when they opened for How to Destroy Angels, and they stuck pretty close to the album. I'd never heard them before, and left impressed, although the vocals were so buried that it was basically an instrumental set. I tracked down Oshin a few days later.
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January 22, 2016 on DIIV – “Is The Is Are”
I overlook a good bit of Aerosmith's crumminess due to the love I have for their roller coaster at Disney World.
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November 10, 2015 on Aerosmith Guitarist Seems Pretty Pissed About Steven Tyler’s Solo Career
I like the "Just listen to the music." kind of message, but I think I'll give the last Strokes album the nod, in this minimalist respect. At least with that one I could pretend that I was listening to a big ol' tape reel.
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June 3, 2013 on Yeezus Cover Revealed
Adrian Younge scored the Black Dynamite movie. This album should be pretty good.
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February 15, 2013 on Ghostface Killah – “The Rise Of Ghostface Killah”
I'm a little surprised by this review. I thought they were pretty good. I really liked "Life is Simple...". I don't mind a flubbed note here and there.
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March 6, 2011 on The Strokes Hit SNL
I’m holding out hope that Jules brought this thing to JP Bowersock at the eleventh hour and they worked their shared magic on it. Please don’t burst my bubble, Amrit.
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November 18, 2010 on Strokes Complete LP4?
In reference to his Timbaland-produced album, someone asked Chris Cornell what he'd say to people who hated it. He answered that he's not taking the old albums away from you. You can still listen to them. If you don't like this one, maybe you'll like the next one. Excluding the "maybe you'll like the next one" bit, I try to remember this line of thinking when it comes to Weezer. I threw Pinkerton on in the car this morning. Their recent efforts horrify me, but at least they've given us a couple of good albums. I'm thankful for that.
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October 27, 2009 on New Weezer (Feat. Lil Wayne) – “Can’t Stop Partying”
Thank God. I'd been waiting for a graphic designer to weigh in with the definitive statement on this one. Sounds zero like Nickelback.
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September 20, 2009 on Premature Evaluation: Pearl Jam – Backspacer
I think calling it subversive could be a nice defense for him to use if he were to catch a ton of criticism for the book or the reading comment. But I don't know, he really seems this self-absorbed. I hope he shrinkwraps this book. I can't imagine anybody thumbing through a 52-pager with single sentence pages and taking it up to the counter.
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May 27, 2009 on Kanye Claims Books Are Lame, Wordy