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Ms. Apple is a wonder woman. It has been such a long wait for me to hear new music (I believe 2005 was the last time, right?) and I can't believe that it's even more beautiful than I could ever have imagined... the single Every Single Night is going down in my Fiona apple love history. I cannot wait for this album!
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May 12, 2012 on Fiona Apple – “Every Single Night”
Finally! An album that pays homage to its roots. to The Roots. it's so great to hear a group bring back some of the elemental characteristics of old-school hip hop. These tracks are killer, hustle bones & the cage are so tight! Do yourself a favor and purchase this record.
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April 26, 2012 on Death Grips Remix Björk
have you guys heard his cover of cold play's song? woah. it's extraordinary! it's so amazing to hear such a traditional artist to cover such a modern song. It's even more incredible to see him with the likes of snoop dog! a duet that is actually very intriguing and has to be heard to be believed. Some others to notice that willie has recently worked with are dave matthews band and zac brown band… awesome!
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April 19, 2012 on Hear Willie Nelson Cover Pearl Jam
mr. white. the man is a genius... a musical mad scientist... a mastermind. everything he touches becomes wanted. his music is always incredible, his ideas are always epic, and his passion for being an outcast.. always standing out in a world that constantly tries to fit in. i admire him so much.
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April 12, 2012 on Jack White – “Sixteen Saltines” Video
gossip! the ultimate sing-along pop package right now. the video for perfect world is so intriguing, i love the ominous tone throughout the film. the quick shots of the intense drum parts get me so amped! i really can't wait for the new cd... just about a month away!
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April 12, 2012 on Gossip – “Perfect World” Video
I like to think of this record as a fine whiskey after cask-oak aging. Whiskey in its infancy is more wild and more accepted among the younger generation because of its accessibility and uncommon tradition from that of their parents. Enter: the shins. In their younger albums, there was a rebellious edge to the music that most fans have clinged to. When trying to make the switch from the weaker fermented alcohol to the fine, rich gentleman's drink it is a difficult transition. That being said, as a purveyor of fine whiskey, I like to think of this new record as a delicious brew that is deserving of stones instead of ice. It's time to refine ourselves, friends, and indulge in the good stuff (aka. Port of Morrow).
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April 2, 2012 on Watch The Shins On Letterman
this album is the ultimate chill zone. as a long time fan, i feel like i've grown up with the shins... this album came out at a perfect time in my life because i'm enjoying a slower pace... less rock, less aggression, less partying... more relaxed, more calm, more serene. the newest single, bait and switch is pretty much my daily soundtrack right now... perfect for breezy drives with trees overhead and no cars around. long story short, this album couldn't have come out at a more perfect time. If it hasn't grown on you yet, it will. Get ready for it!
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March 15, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: The Shins Port Of Morrow
Atta boy, jack. There's not a single thing he does that does not captivate, impress, and confuse me all at the same time.. which of course is the best part. The different projects (dead weather, stripes, etc), the different sounds, the different looks, the different videos (esp the new one for love interruption)... he's one of the only artists to always keep me guessing. Which is what I love most about him! Anyway, ramble ramble... i think this new song is great and really can't wait to hear the rest in just a couple months.
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February 27, 2012 on Jack White Blunderbuss Details
Mr. Cohen is more than just a legendary musical artist. He's an inspiration. A role model. A hero. A work of art. One of the last threads of a musical gentleman that we are still holding onto. I think a revolution could form in Leonard's name. An attempt to regain what was once considered great music. Rejoice, friends, let's cherish this great man's career and his ability to put out a brand new album that will claim a place on the shelf next to his antique LP's.
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January 30, 2012 on Stream Leonard Cohen Old Ideas
Nicole Atkins is a brilliant, adorable musician. Her music is so simple and intriguing... I cannot wait for her new CD coming in January! If you like her, keep up to date!
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December 16, 2010 on Nicole Atkins – “Vultures”