Hey Tom if you're reading this, your headline is wrong. It says "Out of the Blue" instead of "Foolish Beat".
Totally agree! "Better Be Good To Me" was Tina's best solo single, in my opinion.
Tom gave Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" a 5, and then awarded a 7 to its inferior knock-off "We Don't Need Another Hero." Tom gave Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" a 2, and then assigned a 3 to its inferior knock-off "Together Forever." There is nothing more soulless and lazy than churning out a soundalike for money. Why does Tom always seem to favor the soundalike over the original??
Peaking at #3 behind George Michael was Samantha Fox's "Naughty Girls (Need Love Too)", her 2nd Top 10 hit.
More Funk classics: Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players Word Up - Cameo Flashlight - Parliament Brick House - Commodores Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club Give It To Me Baby - Rick James You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate Lady Marmalade - LaBelle Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry Here's a link to a Spotify playlist I made:
...and The Killers did a fantastic cover!
Peaking at #7 behind Gloria Estefan was Icehouse, with "Electric Blue" --- co-written by John Oates (of Hall & Oates).
There is one more Terence Trent D'Arby song worth mentioning: 1993's "She Kissed Me", which was a Top 5 on the Alternative chart here in the U.S.
Peaking at #5 behind Whitney Houston was the stunningly-gorgeous Pebbles with her first Top 10 hit “Girlfriend.” Pebbles later went on to manage a girl group called 2nd Nature — she renamed them TLC and the rest is history.
Let us never forget Jason Sudekis sending up Billy Ocean on Saturday Night Live...
I will never get over that 2 grade for "Never Gonna Give You Up"...
Personally, I think "Devil Inside" is a much better song than "Get Outta My Dreams." I think Tom's 8 is too high, especially considering that he gave Ocean's vastly-superior "Loverboy" the same grade.
My favorite Billy Ocean song is 1976’s “Love Really Hurts Without You”, which was used to great effect on Season 1 of the Netflix hit “Sex Education.”
Totally agree -- "Animal" is another 10! And one more instance of a pre-chorus that outshines the actual chorus.
As far as Michael Jackson’s socially conscious songs go (“Man in the Mirror”, “Heal the World”, “We Are the World”), nothing can top 1995’s “Earth Song”, which hit #1 in Germany, Iceland, Switzerland, and the UK, but inexplicably missed charting on the Hot 100 in the U.S. 25 years later, the video still packs a powerful and timely punch and would have been perfect to post on Earth Day yesterday.
Peaking at #10 behind Michael Jackson was the title track from what I consider to be the greatest pop-metal/hair band album of all time: “Hysteria.” This one gets a 10 from me. You know what’s remarkable about the majority of Def Leppard hits? The pre-choruses are more potent than the actual choruses. Take a listen to 1983’s “Photograph” (another 10), a song that might have the greatest pre-chorus of all time!
Sorry, I'm going to post one more performance from that concert and this will be all, I promise! Haha. We couldn't get Barbra Streisand to come and sing "No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)" with Donna, so I asked popular Australian singer Tina Arena to fill in for her. A lot of people considered their duet to be the highlight of the night -- Tina more than delivered!
I have to post at least one performance from the Live & More Encore album --- what a fantastic night that was!
I'll share a little behind-the-scenes story from my time with Donna. Many non-industry people are disappointed to learn that live albums really aren't totally "live." The singers are always given a chance to correct any bad notes they hit when their concert was recorded. Well, in the instance of the album that I did with Donna called "Live & More Encore!", none of her lead vocals had to be re-recorded. None! When I say that she was the greatest vocalist I've ever worked with, it's not an exaggeration. She was truly the Queen!
I served as Executive Producer on a Lonnie Gordon single from 1996 called "Dirty Love" which was a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Dance chart. We made a very inexpensive music video -- Lonnie was a TRIP to work with!
I was her A&R guy at Epic Records and served as Executive Producer on her 1999 album "Live & More Encore!"
Another fantastic club banger from Stock Aiken & Waterman was O'Chi Brown's "Whenever You Need Somebody" (a song later remade by Rick Astley for his debut album). The intro on this extended mix absolutely SLAPS!
But Edith, that's what so strange -- Tom clearly does NOT hate all things SAW-related. He gave "Venus" by Bananarama an 8, Donna Summer's "This Time I Know It's For Real" a 7, and even Kylie Minogue's atrocious "Locomotion" gets a 6! It makes no sense whatsoever why Tom would give "Never Gonna Give You Up" a 2, other than the fact that the song is a joke meme now.
Donna Summer is my favorite female vocalist of all time and I was fortunate enough to have made an album with her in the late 90s -- she was a dream to work with and just an all-around stellar human being. She's also the best singer I've ever been in a recording studio with.
I totally agree, Fishead! "Never Gonna Give You Up" is definitely fun and completely harmless. I can understand Tom not being crazy about it, but it isn't a "bad song" and it most certainly is not worthy of a 2.
Since we're on the subject of Stock Aiken and Waterman, let's give a shout out for one of their best songs/productions, the somewhat-forgotten "That's What Love Can Do" by Boy Krazy. It peaked at #18 on the Hot 100 but likely would have been a much bigger hit if it had been given to Donna Summer of Kylie Minogue instead.
Peaking at #6 behind Rick Astley was David Lee Roth’s final Top 10 hit, with or without Van Halen, “Just Like Paradise.” I’d give it a 6.
Oops. Forgot to link the video.
I've cued this video up to the part where I feel it's very obvious that George is gay. The facial expressions that accompanied him singing "It's cold out there but it's warm in bed" were the giveaway for me.
I knew George Michael was gay the very first time I saw the video for "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". And no, it wasn't simply because of the ridiculous shorts and silly dance moves, because I never thought the same of Andrew Ridgeley. I was always shocked that people thought George was straight. As far as Dusty Springfield goes, I didn't find out she was a lesbian until many years after her duet with the Pet Shop Boys, but maybe they knew.
I'm pretty surprised that Tom didn't point out the unique structure of "Father Figure." This song has not one, not two, but three bridges.
Peaking at #10 behind George Michael was Cher with "I Found Someone", a Michael Bolton-penned song that had bombed two years earlier when Laura Branigan released it. I think it might be the strongest song Bolton ever wrote, and it's definitely among Cher's best hits.
"What Have I Done To Deserve This" is in my Top 15 songs of all time! It's so weird that this song can produce so much real emotion in me, considering the subject matter. It seems to be about a woman who has hired a man to be her lover and they part ways because can't get along, but then they realize they can't live without each other.
Don't Drop Bombs is my favorite song from that album. The video is a riot.
Gangnam Style has been permanently barred from the chatroom.
What do Tiffany and Sting have in common? Both are one-named artists. Both had their biggest success in the 1980's. Both had a Top 10 hit called "All This Time" (although different songs). Thank you for your attention. This message of worthless trivia is now over.
Peaking at #9 behind Tiffany was "Tunnel of Love", my all-time personal favorite Bruce Springsteen song.
Just wanted to show a little love to my personal favorite INXS song, “Disappear”, which also happened to be their final Top 10 hit in America.
Peaking at #7 behind Michael Jackson was Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart”, the first of her 7 consecutive Top 10 hits. It also happens to be her very best song. 10/10
I agree --- "Got My Mind Set on You" is one of the worst singles every from an artist that many consider to be a genius. It's a 3, at best. How about if we listen instead to a George Harrison 10, and my personal favorite song of his:
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