man idk if thats worth going to the hospital over but i bet it felt horrible. also hes tryna be a buck fifty? this dude is a fucking pop tart
its a cool movie worth watching in october.
theres a good snl sketch where he likes margaret thatcher
if you buy gucci you will be son / daughter of record label executive who recently inherited house in hollywood hills that some dude from bonanza used to live in, you text your friend asap to come check out some photos you took he say 'cool if i bring this dude tyler he just left to score some toos c e ' your uncle used to party with iggy pop and he has the keys to your place, he crash your place and he hasnt slept in 2 days, o well hes down to party but not drink or do anything fulfilling he wants to gyrate in front the mirror and see whos got on the best gucci
home ownership, being visually weird in a wealthy ig/mcm way, having drugs, having weird parents with weird friends, and being 'super cool' for it. this shit is banal, but less like offensive than the recent one with gucci mane hitting on old blue vein women with coke. the supreme / korine commercial with gucci mane on house arrest playing prince on the piano was good tho , had a real sense of plot even in 30 seconds.
music fans dream a 10 out of 10. the people who manned the phones at the telethon were true heroes. in the 21st century i hope that would be us stereogum commentors manning those phones while our favorite musicians sang a joyous song about goodwill towards all humankind.
shit you aint lying phil did dominate the 80s. and for good reason the man is a GOAT
women love phil collins, thats the critical knock against some ppl who claim GOAT with no female fan representation but phil is not in that group
the last big harmonica song i can think of was Culture Club Karma Chameleon. There is no harmonica on Phil's 'One More Night'
nice write up this song is very classy, and i think you described exactly what phil is going thru on this one. i think the fact that its so classy says that hes still got self respect and hes gonna make it thru.
Phil collins is the greatest artist of the 80s. The decision to team with Phil bailey remains one of the boldest in pop music history, Phil Collins is downright heroic on "Easy Lover", it is the definition of a 10.
well if stein mart wont buy the shirts just go and put them on the racks and let ppl take them for free. thatd be way funnier than this lawyers couched threats
dont give him a dime bill this guy thinks he can make jokes on you while threating legal action. if they get serious just sell all the shirts to stein mart for cash str8up no receipts.
greatest artist of the 60s: the beatles, greatest artist of the 70s: stevie, greatest artist of the 80s: debatable but i say phil collins. im sure the first 2 are correct tho
yep shaq broke this undercover news in los angeles back during the early 2000s
elllloooo??? wosssiss? ill av you know some of the fittest of birds can be found in west londonshire
everlong is a good ass song.
i loved the brick squad era. the first waka flaka album is a masterpiece, got numerous songs on it better than anything travis scott ever made. big shoutout to denver nuggets and jokic, theyve got fat kids across america hitting the courts to work on their handles and passing.
November Rain: 2020. The music video takes place in the White House post Trump losing the election. Donald's really going thru it, halfway thru sipping a double cup of D. Coke. Melania's love is restrained, if still existent at all, she's walking out the door and Don's too throwed off his travis scott burger to even notice. Trump stumbles out to the lawn past the shattered remains of a failed experiment to modify Barron's into a robocop style hall monitor the perps - they needed some more time with that one - into the pouring cold november rain. his loyal bottom bitch Pence looks on shredding side by side with Slash - he forgot to register to vote. Trump gonna need some time on his own after this one.
it is a masterpiece of a song, i wonder if hes seen the human sadness vid , very related imo.
there is literally a whole genre built around sampling memphis / 36 music and its very wide and often good. the guy who does the chapo trap house theme, dj smokey is a shining example of good music built out of 36 and screwed up clique samples. i guess suicide boys is so big though that its a real commercial force and its not like 36 is picking on somebody with just a youtube channel and day jobs.
bigtime Lakers fan since 2019 here. if dame looks like walmart steph curry they blazers lose, hell he might ball out and they still lose. blazers have a very good traditional 1 thru 5 offense. but Anthony Davis is going to get his every game and hes got it in his memory that time he swept the blazers. Lakers Bucks is the finals we need. the bubble boys had their time, now back to the MAIN attraction good c murder song
i didnt really get into this when it came out but learned to like its vibe thru lil uzi.
wait Teejayx6 didnt make it, thats bogus
yea i acknowledge that the 2016 xxl class is prolly indubitably the last one i shall vibe with from toppeth to bottom
I like this song. Can anyone name the next number one that will have a big harmonica on it ?
cool charles bronson facts y b b . i just watch once upon a time in hollywood so im very receptive to all 50s thru 70s hollywood facts
Not good! I fuck with gregg turkington music
this song is a unknown gem that lil rinky dink synth line pairs with a rlly prepulsiuve rhythm and a mbv esque sound blast. song is dope af had to hunt it down when i heard in the 28 days soundtrack it was hard. reminds me of an even more obscure band zcr from the man gregg turkington you would find hits
i am a big supporter of youtube, i think it should have everything on it for free with no ads. between that and wikipedia we really could have ourselves a real online library.
hell yea where my weed smokerz at? if you were hitting weed smoke everyday multiple times a day in the early 10's i guaruntee you were breaking up a big ole brick of that nasty ass sticky ass streebo on a wavves cd. it was a lifestyle
10 / 10 metal gear solid music
kyoto? stranger? skeletons? yung lean disciple confirmed.
spongebob is proud to be albanian
yall wouldnt believe my iq even if i told yall...
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