harden and durant vs lil b was a heinous time in rap and the nba, dont wanna go back to those dark days. stolen cooking dance, hoop life mixtape, and the tryout for the delaware 87ers... things got very serious there for a while.
yep, King James has always been able to connect with him and knows how to keep him in line. King James knows JR's value and wants JR to prove himself once more.
yea but when JR smith is on thin ice like right now he is a good and humble soldier. its once he gets comfortable and starts smoking ludicrous amounts of streebo and drinking the finest brandy that he gets out of hand. i think right now all hes doing is trying to eat right, sleep good with a better blanket than the old dusty one the nba gave him, and keep his mind focused on hoops.
*voice cracking profusely* ohhhhhh maaaaaannnn look at my life
thats a man in that picture, damn so devandra is not a ladys name ?
yall know theres literally more ppl in bayou la batre alabama than all of iceland? no shit they can re-open prolly had to just call the old person and tell him stay home
i used to hate on gap for being Low Quality cuz its khakis werent on the level of like anything youd find at a department store and their cut and sewn shirts were built and styled for somebody with a 5'7 wingspan and a gut by chipotle and whole foods pizza. but then i discovered zara and h&m and goddamn if that isnt clothes driving human progress backwards. glued together shit made of trash bags fitted for ppl built like beanbags or those little tapioca colored dudes off the herculoids
lmfao, i sympathize as well, im an expert in music whos online commenting is written off way too much, and my iq is off the charts as well
an incredible song, but the video and setting for it is kinda depressing. like the only thing propping up american exceptionalism is our ability to work overtime and bust our ass on the 9 zillion lane highway
the artowork is bad but the song is actually really good
'like a stone' by audio slave is a good song, shoutout to that era of 'alternative rock' it wasnt good but they played it on the radio which is like... interesting... what went wrong there? who is to blame? did shit get too repetitive did new shit suck too much to play on the radio ? all my radio heads stand the fuck up
flaming hot take but thats what we come here for. your point is way more valid than a negative 9 rating so ima call in the woke mindz task force voterz to get you on up to .500 . props to droppergombo for siting some hard youtube vidz numbers but i will say 2 to 4 mil in 10 years is only so much
none of yall better try that dumb fingerwagging shit with blessed Lana, she is literally a saint. I didnt read shit going on here but Im sure her point is very valid and i dont wanna see the h8rz turn her 2 a fuckin villain. p4k ad fantano gave the new yung lean album a 5.5 so im rlly goin thru it right now , who knows maybe ill pull a Lana and tell off the h8rz myself
cool music. but even as a hoops head the last dance show is so fucking boring for me. 10 episodes of the same exact shit , every time , they shoulda just made all those guys play a 10 game season of some kinda pickup game, a million dollars on the line every week. i see jordan smoking and drinking in those eps, can he still back it up on the court ?
imagine being so out of touch that you had the balls to dismiss a yung lean track. Starz leaked a couple weeks ago and Leanie has had the internet going nutz like Paul Wall. The whole album is fucking incredible, Yung Lean is easily the most influential artist working right now and its fitting that he linked with Ariel Pink, another underappreciated genius. But weirdly russian kids r rlly writing hexes in their lord of the rings alphabet at a truly alarming rate on the youtube vidz so he must be a supersztar over there.
when this baby starts making music we will know the true father based on his style. I know she really likes Riff Raff so dont be surprised if this thing comes out as some sort of DJ Screw 2.0. I think if the kid is by Ariel Pink we'll just be able to tell by smell, he will not be Musky he will be Musty. If the child is polite, super talented, and starts blowing up hella early well then its Justin Biebers cuz she does fuck with him too. If the baby is ever seen eating conventional human infant food sources well then we have been double douped because that means its not Grimes baby.
i re-FUSE 2 believe that is elons baby until it is maury povich show certified
chris brown appears to be sitting on a box of newports
he hatched out an egg with that shitty old robe on ? i like star wars but i hate all the really stupid old muppet characters yoda and that stupid ass dog-man chewbacca included
i thought this album was pretty cool but i rlly havent listened since it came out , i can only faintly recall what it sounds like, lots of real drum sounds and a kinda frantic pace
GEazys No Limit is as good as radioheads best song creep
kasher quon deserves a shotout he was on a very long hot streak last time i checked
yung lean has never rapped with this clean of vox or this stripped down of a beat. thats why i was alarmed when they chose to call this sad boy music. but i get what the author is saying and it speaks to lean / sad boys influence even if 'sad boys' is a pretty simple concept to originate akin to like wayne and 'bling bling'
this sounds more like mac miller than any iteration of yung lean (who currently sounds like post malone with an accent now ) but if you say its sad boyz then so be it
i think its their best since first impressions but not as good as either of the voidz albums. its an album for the old ppl and europeans who still actually subsist off a diet of 'rock' music. jc is still the best vocalist of his generation so i get a kick out of that who am i kidding i will listen to this hard for at least a year. i fuck with this hard but i do feel bad for them that they soldiered on to release this during the depths of lockdown and didnt get the chance to tour behind it hard like the voidz have got to i feel like jc was ready to give the strokes a real committed year of his time. the earlier joints were all excellent and selfless has some a basic ass vocal melody that goes the dumbway and doesnt rely on that trademark progression - belicimo
one nite, actually 2 nite , you can listen to the strokes album on yotuube thru a secret garbage podcast where the strokes dont talk cuz of massive animosity among the bands members i imagine - which is cool with me
appreciate the love , trust me it is not easy speaking truth to power especially when its about yr (former if they do me really bad on this new album) favorite band
respect - thats the only extremely underrated strokes album that was like a sting operation by the haters whod infilitrated the press in order to bring them down
the bad strokes songs in chronological order: when it started killing lies - thus ends the reign of the REAL genre saving storkes - only 2 clunkers over 3 albums and bsides - - now begins the era of the strokes LITERALLY not giving a fuck behold the deluge of mediocre core songs theyve rained on us - 2 kinds of happiness youre so right games call me back welcome to japan 50 / 50 slow animals partners in crime and honestly i went easy on a lot of those last 2 albums songs some real DOOKIE on those joints. ive literally listened to all of these songs multiple times so i speak with authority. i am NO hater just a truth-sayer i will earnestly listen to this 10 track record, i anticipate that ive already heard 3 of the 5 good songs and the other 5 will be tru garbage to garbage lite.
welcome to japan truly sucks up there among worst strokes songs
im patiently waiting for this thang to drop with supplies (stouffers lasagne) on the ready (in the freezer) to celebrate like a real jc head
' i wanna eat lasagne ' set to whatever happened lmfao thats good and italian food is good af what can i say i like red sauce
downovte bloc to oblivion he wants it talking that absolutely CRAZY shit! let these downvotes fall as so many lashes from the whip
dannnggg we got piroos in the comment section ??? tekashi ratted on some ur bloods???
i thought Turbo only existed in the poor tortured mind of Chief Keef as his beatmaking alter ego. who remembers the Turbo Saga so many ppl hate but i like 'dope smokes'. Also he released G Unit stomp which has an insan e beat that is about to become our reality when the govt declares thin blue line martial law.
send them to work release at the infested nursing home smh
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