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Uh, yeah. If it was a number other than #69 and not in the top ten I'd be outraged. Thank goodness that #69 is the new #1. #innuendo
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December 15, 2011 on Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks Of 2011
Shoot, this guy is so right. Having elements in your music which are popular and/or trending right now could only be a money grab and anyone who doesn't make the music they dreamed of as kids is a huge sell out. Case and point, Rebecca Black and Neon Indian. Eight-Bit sounds and Chill Wave are trending right now, and chillwave didn't even exist in the 1990's when Alan Palomo was a kid, so he must be out only to make money, not because he loves his music and not because Era Extraña is one of the best albums of the year. Rebecca, on the other hand, clearly makes music any three to eleven year old would love, therefore she probably dreamed of making this music as a kid and isn't in it for money, so anyone with logic can see that Black is the true artist and Palomo is a money whore.
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November 20, 2011 on Album Of The Week: Drake Take Care
No no no. You heard wrong. Tv and the radio are breaking up. You have poor reception at your house. When will you replace that horrendous satellite?
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February 25, 2011 on TV On The Radio – “Will Do”
That's not funny! That was the low point of Bush's presidency and Iraq had WMDs and 911 was Clinton's fault plus the recession was a preemptive attack from the Obama administration and caused by liberal spending not corporate greed with out government safeguards plus... Eh I faked it long enough. You made my day smokeallyouwantandseetheplanets.
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February 20, 2011 on Kanye West – “All Of The Lights” Video
Elliott Smith=My greatest love ever, but I don't really think that his self titled Ep was a love song to heroin. Although It has a lot to do with addiction and certainly heroin, I would argue it is not portrayed in a positive light.
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February 9, 2011 on NME’s 50 Druggiest Albums Ever
Can stereogum bring back the highest rated comment of the month or something? That was fun now I feel under motivated to up vote great puns and insightful commentary.
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December 4, 2010 on Arcade Fire Nominated For Album Of The Year Grammy
I look forward to these posts every week and this definitely did not disappoint.
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December 4, 2010 on The 12 Best Videos Of The Week
As a consumer I oppose this deeply, but with the struggles the music industry and more specifically the independent music industry has, along with the fact that videos are really only good advertising and not for making profit, this is a good money making idea, and it would keep the music video, which we all love, from going extinct or becoming irrelevant. After all the music business is a business. No one can argue the genius of Arcade Fire or their business manager. My grandmother ever loved the wilderness downtown project.
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November 22, 2010 on Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs” Video (Directed By Spike Jonze)
Arcade fire bits of that video, specifically the parts with the kids biking and running around, when they were touring.
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November 22, 2010 on The 10 Best Videos Of The Week
I love you and every one else here so much.
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October 24, 2010 on Kings Of Leon – Come Around Sundown Premature Evaluation
Lists are useful when they rank the top forty new bands of 2010 or the one with 69 decent bands releasing this year, but this list is completely unnecessary. I liked stereogum because they focussed on many artists I thoroughly enjoy, and did not have useless garbage swarming their cite. I can't agree more with the comment by iwalrus, stating simply "why". Stereogum doesn't need to reissue everything pitchfork and vh1 and rollingstone do; there are reasons to visit all these sites, and I feel stereogum is losing their focus and ruining great tool for staying updated on good music and artists.
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September 3, 2010 on VH1 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time
Yeah, I have to agree. I can't speak for others but the strings first drew to Arcade Fire. This new album sounds completely free of them though. I was concerned after first hearing "Month of May" and "The Suburbs"; it doesn't sound like The Arcade Fire I know and love. I feel like as they gain popularity, like they have recently since the frequent Arcade Fire tracked commercials, they will become more mainstream and lose their defining element. I hope I'm reading too far into this, and hopefully it'll grow on me. I already got my tickets for this summer.
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June 9, 2010 on Watch Arcade Fire Debut Live Suburbs In Montreal