Good beat, decent hook, good flow. More of this plz.
The 3-5 minutes it took to read that was time well spent. Seems like a good guy just looking for some answers to a mostly honest question. The fact he's not an attention-hog (feral or domesticated) makes him all the more endearing. May his yard and his small kids remain undisturbed for eternity.
E-40 - Choices (Yup) Kendrick Lamar - DNA A$AP Rocky - Pe$o Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
I appreciate what they were going for and I really, really tried to get into it, but this album is just really boring with pretty much nothing particularly standing out. I know a lot of people shit on it, but I think Oczy Mlody (while very inconsistent) had some much better cuts than anything on this. That said, the artwork for this album is pretty cool and I was lucky to see the original full size copies at Meow Wolf (plus the creepy interactive installation) last year.
I had experimental eye surgery that allows me to roll my eyes a full 180 degrees into the back of my head as opposed to the standard 75.3 degrees normal humans are capable of during bouts of annoyance. However, I’ve never had the impetus to make this occur at it’s full potential. I just found it.
They probably also don’t consider Dr. Arnold Klein to be Paris’ biological father and are under the assumption that her and Prince carry a significant amount of MJ’s DNA. Fools.
I’m not going to pretend I’m a fan of Ronson or any of these other songs (just personal preference), but the second I heard True Blue I knew it was a very special song. I’ve played it at least 50 times and it seems destined to be a classic. Happy to be in agreement with a #1 choice for once, even if the song’s only been out for a couple weeks.
I think it came out last week, but would really encourage folks to check out Divino Nino (primarily Colombian 4 piece based in Chicago). Sounds like a mix of Mac Demarco, Mild High Club, Girls and many other bands/styles (70s AM, disco, funk, Colombian) with tons of swirling psychedelic sonic touches and lots of great songs.
The last memories I have of using a Walkman-type device (mine was assuredly a knockoff) was in 1998 training for high school cross country. Had mixtapes I made of RATM, Fishbone and lots of other stuff. Preferred the discman minus the skipping, and figured out you could stick 2 CDs atop one another inside the discman if you didn’t want to lug around a jewel case/cd wallet and wanted to listen to more than one album. Cassettes had their benefits (I was stealing tunes off the radio in 4th grade) but the inability to easily shift from track to track or repeat a track was the worst aspect. I listened to lots of shitty albums of one-hit wonders based on MTV, so the need to skip tracks was essential to my youth. I personally think the cassette revival is dumb, but if you’re into it, not gonna stop you. It was a pretty great invention though.
I read this as Jake Paul initially and thought - huh. Then I realized I have no clue who Sean Paul is but was ultimately disappointed this wasn’t about Jake Paul, because that would be an incredible hot troll take.
Greatly anticipating; Bedouine LDR FKA twigs Alex Cameron Men I Trust
1. Weyes Blood 2. Aldous Harding 3. Big Thief 4. Sun kill Moon 5. Chris Cohen 6. Julia Jacklin 7. Drugdealer 8. King Gizz 9. Alaskalaska 10. Vampire Weekend 11. Angelo Dr Augustine 12. Hand Habits 13. Toro y Moi 14. Helado Negro 15. Kevin Morby
No one ever mentions No Intention, but that guitar riff and all the tonal variations it goes through is just so fucking cool. Love that song, and of course the album as a whole.
Exactly. It is an incredibly intricate and nuanced concept album. The fact he had the gumption to play the bitter, insecure ex-boyfriend on the opening track/lead single with no other context was a very brave (if not smart in a marketing sense) move. It’s unfortunate people couldn’t see beyond that and give it the proper chance. Dave is a highly intelligent, deliberate and self-aware person and I think it’s one of the coolest breakup albums of all time. He kind of committed career suicide with it as was seen with the lukewarm reception of the album despite its brilliance, and esp Lamp Lit Prose, which is incredible but did not make a single year end list mention. I rarely throw around the word, but the guy is a genius, full stop. Can’t wait to see what he does next.
I’m with you. Never cared for her pop stuff prior to that album, but Dead Petz easily has her best music for my tastes (though the majority of it is pretty bad). If it had been 8 or 9 songs (the good ones) instead of 23, I think the reception would’ve been drastically different, though who knows because there was a LOT of ill will for her to overcome. I like Miley. Sure she’s a bit of a try-hard and a “poser”, but she seems like a good gal at heart and her voice is incredible. Would not complain at all if she ditched pop altogether and got weird again (though with a little more editing).
If you’ve never heard “Slow Motion” off the UK/Aussie version do yourself a favor. Those drums...
There’s a song called ‘K’ on his new album. Cigarettes After Sex also have a song with this title. Mac LOVES cigarettes. Is this just an attempt to upstage them because he not only smokes cigarettes after sex, but cigarettes at all times? Dude is a fucking monster.
Fishing for Fishies is incredible. My pick in a very stacked week.
I remember when the Vanessa single came out back in 2011 and Grimes was ultra mysterious and captivating. The d’Eon split had me very, very hyped for Visions. Then I realized Grimes had a Twitter and I looked at it, and that was my first taste of wishing I knew way less about an artist because all the mystery was shattered and she honestly just seemed like an idiot. Obviously things have managed to get worse. I’ll still give the new one a spin. Hopefully will contain a few worthwhile songs like her other albums.
This is one for the ages. A truly monumental piece of music. J Rado is an incredibly gifted producer and Mering’s melodic sense has grown leaps and bounds. After 25+ listens this has not gotten remotely old. AOTY so far for me by a pretty large margin.
My gamer nerd friend got H8 NOOBZ approved about 15 years ago. Of course, I’m in Florida. It was on a special olympics edition of the tag, making it all the better.
She is just phenomenal. Such beautiful lyrics/arrangement and her unique, evocative voice once again delivers another gorgeous gem (though a sad one). V excited about this album. Shaping up to be even better than her s/t, which is saying something.
I’ve listened about 10 times since the leak and enjoy it more every time I hear it. Lots of variety on this one. The beginning of Mirror Forever has strong LDR vibes, which I dig and she seems to be a similar old-soul visionary with a strong sense of commitment to image/aesthetic (say what you want about LDRs authenticity). She has gotten so much better at writing hooks, and this album is full of them compared to her last couple. Everyday is a goddamn modern classic. She deserves to hit the big time and I hope she does.
I thought the two WB features on the last Dd album were better than anything on Front Row Seat to Earth, even though I liked that album quite a bit. This, however, is just ok. Not sure if I’m being swayed by the fact that Titanic Rising is a monumental album that is far and away her best songwriting effort, but gotta say this is a bit of a waste of WBs talent. Still excited to hear Raw Honey in its entirety. This may grow on me, but the bar is sky high at this point for...”that voice”.
Those are three of my favorites of hers. Her voice is so beautiful and her songwriting is stellar. Very glad to see her getting this kind of exposure. Hope she has a long, fruitful career.
Man in the Mirror might be my favorite of his. Obviously an extremely hypocritical song, but I’ll never stop loving it and I’m sure it touched a lot of people over the years, as far as song lyrics go. Being forced to sit through it by a partner who’s “going to let the song say what I want but can’t” sounds pretty lame though honestly so don’t blame you. I remember a mescaline trip with a few friends a few years ago where I really felt the urge to hear it. My friend didn’t have it at his house, so I just pulled up the Youtube video, which I’d never seen. It started out showing all these images of starving African children and I had tears just pouring out nonstop. Then when the big gospel chorus comes in the images switch young African children with huge, beaming smiles and it was just so positive and life affirming and I had a huge swell of euphoric bliss and happiness wash over me. Not that it isn’t a transparently cheap tactic for a video and obviously children in Africa continue to starve, but I’ll never forget the experience. Also, that Crispin Glover video was so awesome and on-brand for him. Shame he never really “made it” as a lead actor or director (I’m aware of his incredibly controversial trilogy and even saw an awful bootleg version of the first one, but it was just not good).
Absolutely beautiful. This would have been right at home on her debut, which was one of my top albums of 2017. Elegant is the perfect word for this. Hoping for a new full length sooner than later. This lady is a gem.
New Sun kil Moon album came out last Friday, which stereogum failed to mention at all. Some real good stuff on there. Check it out if you’ve at all liked anything he’s done post-Benji (Couch Potato and Bay of Kotor are esp great).
Weyes Blood is consistently great, but I love the more playful and upbeat sound on this song. Andromeda made it seem like we were in for more of the same classy elegance of her last album and ep, but this somewhat different direction is v exciting. Video is hilarious. 80s horror vibe fully mastered. Awesome album art too.
Definitely the highlights. With exception of a couple other songs, the rest is pretty forgettable and unremarkable to me. Gave it many spins trying to convince myself otherwise, but sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade. Still grateful for the handful of good songs.
Just saw this last night. That guy was awesome af. The one who really needs their own show though is the Bahamian woman restaurant owner who lost all her savings because of that dumb fuck. Her speech at the end was heartbreaking.
An absolute classic. Seeing them as well as The Four Tops next week. Should be amazing.
Sounds like a logical progression and her voice is as beautiful as ever. Definitely digging it and excited for the album. New Drugdealer album is finished and we’ll hopefully get a single/announcement soon about that as well according to some inside dope. WB will be on at least one song, which is exciting. 2019 is kicking ass so far.
Like all his albums, this one is kinda spotty for me (not a fan of the Post Malone/pop rap/rnb vibes on a couple of these songs), but there are some serious bangers here. I’m definitely an Underneath the Pine/Anythjng in Return guy (haven’t liked much since), so this is a nice return to form.
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