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Gabe, this was really good/funny. The last sentence is super.
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July 14, 2011 on You Can Make It Up: Allison Brie And Gillian Jacobs Are In A Committed Relationship
An homage AND a re-imagining? Don't know how they could juggle those two.
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July 6, 2011 on This Is Just A Good DVR Description
Where my tip at? Nathan Rabin tweeted that Topher should star in a movie but no one was there to read said tweets and put them in this article.
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February 17, 2010 on Hey, What’s Up With Topher Grace?
That first video was next level Erich Wareheim ish.
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February 2, 2010 on Someone Please Give Die Antwoord Whatever They Want
Aren't they marketing to the wrong demographic? Shouldn't the ad be targeted to frat boys?
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February 1, 2010 on These Are Your Jeans: Pajama Jeans
These guys thought the rollerskating scenes n ATL were the hardest part of the movie.
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January 29, 2010 on These Guys Keep It Very, Very Real
2004 is going to be a great year, y'all!
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January 28, 2010 on American Dunkleman!
Oh geez, Chris Matthews I guess you forgot what not sounding racist was. You (seriously) crazy for this one, seriously.
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January 28, 2010 on Chris Matthews Forgot Barack Obama Was Black Last Night
Now if there were a show where Larry the Cable Guy had to fight dinosaurs every week, this would be a whole different story. It would be a love story.
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January 27, 2010 on Larry The Cable Guy Getting A New Show. On The History Channel?
Preemptive Open Letter-ing. It's the only way.
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January 26, 2010 on “Pants On The Ground” Is The New “I’mma Let You Finish”
So Bush gets Stephen Colbert and Obama gets...Jay Leno? What is going on? I thought we had a "hip" and "happening" president.
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January 22, 2010 on Dear 2012, Leno To Host White House Correspondents’ Dinner
That was...um...oh geez.
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January 20, 2010 on Martha Stewart Pole Dances. The End.
I'm sure it was Avatar and not the history of high blood pressure or hypertension because Chinese movie science.
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January 20, 2010 on It Was Mr. Avatar In The Drawing Room With A Stroke
Wow, that was really cool. "Ferguson, stay classy."
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January 16, 2010 on Jimmy Kimmel Is An American Hero
Yes! That's exactly what it's like!
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January 16, 2010 on Jersey Shore S01E07-08: A Sad Situation
Can you overdose on racism? "How can I not be Asian, I love Chinese food?"-Dr. Biology over here.
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January 15, 2010 on Let Us Not Forget The Important Work Of George Lopez
Think we need a bigger ugh.
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January 15, 2010 on This Seems About Right
Kimmel went for the jugular and there was blood (via Daniel Day Lewis)! My favorite part of this whole thing is how late night host on other channels are making fun of it. Where's Ferguson? His puppets would have a field day with this.
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January 15, 2010 on Jimmy Kimmel Is An American Hero
Watching Mike try to defend his very perception of himself against recklessly self-absorbed people who could no longer take his own brand of reckless self absorption was really compelling. You could see him trying to think his way out of his awful situation (ugh) but there was no way he could because instead of building his life on a rock he built it on Ed Hardy shirts and skanks or something equally prone to movement.
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January 15, 2010 on Jersey Shore S01E07-08: A Sad Situation
Ghostface should have turned his guest spot on 30 Rock into a reoccurring role. He could've been Tracy's celebrity buddy. Tracy's even on one of Ghost's songs already.
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January 13, 2010 on The RZA Auditions For Parks And Recreation, Son
What if...Randy were Mormon? The untold story.
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January 13, 2010 on Being Mormon Is Normal
Best Coast is absolutely amazing. They're album is going to be so great. I have to second the Frankie Rose love. She was the best thing about Vivian Girls. And I should also mention Dum Dum Girls (who are also insanely talented) and Pearl Harbor in a round up 2009 female fronted lo-fi acts who deserve to get more attention in 2010.
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January 12, 2010 on New Best Coast – “Up All Night”
When did this turn into Sexygum?
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January 12, 2010 on Show Your Support For Conan O’Brien
I wish Bend It Like Beckham had been a gritty look at fandom and obsession from the writer of The Wrestler.
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January 12, 2010 on Netflix FAIL
Rachel McAdams is boring like a mannequin and Ryan Gosling is an emotionally unstable man living a fragile fantasy. So basically this is the same movie as Lars and the Real Girl. On a related note, I nominate Lars and the Real Girl, a movie I watched with five or six other people who all hated it. I didn't though. I kind of liked it.
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January 12, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: The Notebook
This is beautiful. I'm putting you in charge.
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January 12, 2010 on Hugh Jackman The New Global Spokesman For Lipton Iced Tea
Now if science can just make this YouTube piano fly...
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January 12, 2010 on The YouTube Piano Is No Replacement For Flying Cars